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18 is the number of technical profile universities operating in Poland. It is better known as “Polytechnics”. They are all state-owned. There are also 5 private universities recognized as technical in Poland. So you want to study in Poland and get higher technical education, the information in this article will definitely be useful for you.

Study at the Technical University in Poland

Technical universities in Poland are higher education institutions focusing on interdisciplinary areas of study, giving them the opportunity to obtain professional titles: engineer and master-engineer, as well as scientific degrees: Doctor of Technical Sciences. In order to receive the title of engineer, a student must study for three and a half years, the title of master’s degree engineer – 1,5 years more.

Technical universities, by their characteristics, educate students in technical disciplines, including: architecture and urban planning, automation and robotics, biocybernetics and biomedical engineering, construction and operation of machines, civil engineering, electronics, electrical engineering, geodesy and cartography, mining, computer science, informatics, informatics materials engineering, environmental engineering, mechanics, mechatronics, metallurgy, chemical technology, telecommunications, transportation, textiles and more.

Polish technical universities are considered one of the best in the world. We can meet their graduates who are working on the best technical projects not only in Poland but also in other countries of the world.

Top 10 Polish Technical Universities

  1. Warsaw Polytechnic – 19 faculties, 33 thousand students
  2. AGH University of Science and Technology in Cracow – 16 faculties, 30 thousand students
  3. Wroclaw University of Technology – 16 faculties and about 30,000 students
  4. Gdansk University of Technology – 10 faculties, 23 thousand students.
  5. Lodz University of Technology – 9 faculties, about 19,000 students
  6. Silesian University of Technology – 15 faculties, 22 thousand students
  7. Poznan University of Technology – 9 faculties, 20 thousand students
  8. West Pomeranian University of Technology in Szczecin – 10 faculties, 15,000 students
  9. Lublin University of Technology – 6 faculties, 10 thousand students
  10. Cracow University of Technology – 7 faculties, 15,000 students