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Are you interested in studying in Poland, but you do not know what you should start with? In such way, we are ready to help you. Studying in Poland is a dream, which we will help to come true.

«ENTRANT» Sp. z o. o. is a Polish company, which promotes Polish education and support students from all over the world, who are interested in studying in Poland.

ENTRANT has already got a priceless experience in the sphere of foreign students’ admission to the Polish education establishments. The main office of the company is situated in Warsaw. We have started our business cooperating with Ukraine, helping Ukrainian candidates to enter universities in Poland. Every year we were developing our business to different spheres, from the education proposal to the teritorial development of our activity. Later on, our services became available for students from Belarus and Russia. We have not stopped on this, so nowadays, ENTRANT helps candidates from Ukraine, Belarus, Kazakhstan, Azerbaijan, Turkey, India, and Nepal, where the company has its own represntatives. We do everything possible to make their admission processes clear and easy. Beside this, we receive applications not only from the countries which are listed above, but also from the whole world.

ENTRANT is an official partner of more than 30 public and private universities in Poland and propose the wide range of specializations. Besides admission to the higher education establishments in Poland, ENTRANT proposes summer and annual language courses.

In 2013 ENTRANT started new direction in its business. It is admission to the colleges in Poland for candidates from Ukraine and Belarus, on the base of not full secondary education. Now ENTRANT is the only Polish company, which ofiicially cooperates with Polish colleges and provide such services.

ENTRANT gives international enrolees complex services to enter the university in Poland. We support candidates from the first contact with the lockal partner or representative in Poland, to the completing the education. We give all practical information about life in Poland, help you to choose education establishment, and solve all questions connected with the admission process and obtaining visa. Moreover, ENTRANT take care of candidates after they arrive to Poland.

We give you the assurance that you will be a student of Polish university you have chosen!

If you have any questions, call us or fill out the contact form and our consultants will provide you all the information about the universities in Poland.