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Lublin University of Technology

About Lublin University of Technology

Lublin University of Technology was established in May 1953 on initiative of Lublin technical societies. It has been a major education centre and an advisory unit in the city of Lublin and the region for almost six decades. As the hub of technical science, its value and rank is systematically growing. The school actively participates in social and economic life, thus playing an important role in integrating and creating culture. Its scientific and educational activities significantly contribute to the development of the region. The importance of the region in the united Europe will depend on how competitive both the manufacturing sector and specialized service fields are. As a consequence, providing them with assistance has become one of the most fundamental elements in the mission of Lublin University of Technology. There are 23 buildings available at Lublin University of Technology occupying 77 934 aq. M.

The Lublin University of Technology presents study courses within the first level, second level and third level (doctoral degree) as well as post graduate studies. The University also offers different study structure – post degree study courses and additional course for High School students and industry employees, who are willing to continue their vocational education. There are six Faculties at Lublin University of Technology:

  • The Faculty of Mechanical Engineering
  • The Faculty of Electrical Engineering and Computer Science
  • The Faculty of Civil Engineering and Architecture
  • The Faculty of Environmental Engineering
  • The Faculty of Fundamentals of Technology
  • The Faculty of Management

The Library collects current Polish technical literature and foreign literature in printed and digital forms. It has already collected about 175 thousand copies of printed books and magazines. Subscription covers nearly 300 Polish magazines and 30 foreign titles.



Specialization Faculty Language Application fee Fee per year
Electrical Engineering Electrical Engineering and Computer Science English 200 euro 3000 euro
Computer Science Electrical Engineering and Computer Science English 200 euro 3000 euro
Management Management English 200 euro 1600 euro
Environmental Engineering Environmental Engineering English 200 euro 3000 euro
Architecture Civil engineering and architecture English 200 euro 2000 euro
Civil engineering Civil engineering and architecture English 200 euro 2000 euro


Key facts

  • Politechnika Lubelska (PolLub)
  • City: Lublin
  • Educational level: Bachelor’s, Master’s
  • State university
  • Number of students – 10 588
  • 6 faculties, 19 specialties
  • Discounts: –