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Gdańsk University of Technology

About the University

Gdańsk University of Technology is a one of the most beautiful and most popular Polish state universities among students. The University is one of the oldest educational establishments in Poland, with more than 100 years of history. The University established in 1904. Gdańsk University of Technology attaches great significance to developing its system of education.

Today, Gdańsk University of Technology is among the most frequently technical university. At University studying more than 25,000 students with a teaching staff of more than 1,200 people. It has 9 faculties and with 41 fields of study:

  • Faculty of Architecture
  • Faculty of Mechanical Engineering
  • Faculty of Chemistry
  • Faculty of Applied Physics and Mathematics
  • Faculty of Electrical and Control Engineering
  • Faculty of Electronics, Telecommunications and Informatics
  • Faculty of Civil and Environmental Engineering
  • Faculty of Ocean Engineering and Ship Technology
  • Faculty of Management and Economics

As a result of the accreditation process carried out by the Polish Accreditation Committee, 20 fields of study obtained a positive assessment, and two fields of study received an outstanding assessment.

Gdańsk University of Technology involved in international rankings. In 2017 the GUT was among the 800 best universities in the world as ranked by THE World University Ranking. Every year University notes a significant rise in the prestigious polish ranking Perspektywy. In 2017 the university ranked fourth among technical universities. Continuous rise is undoubtedly a great success and reflects the development and improvement of the University.

According to the Ranking of Ministry of Science and Higher Education, in 2017 Gdańsk University of Technology ranked first as a most often chosen university in Poland by the candidates for undergraduate studies. In addition, the second most popular university in Poland is among foreign students. Students from 60 countries of the world study at the university.

The Gdańsk University of Technology graduates can easily find work upon completing their studies; they often successfully start up and run their own businesses. Notably, a national surveys shows that the earnings of Gdańsk University of Technology graduates are third highest in Poland among graduates of Polish universities (the average salary is about 1500 euro).

The campus of the Gdańsk University of Technology definitely, one of the most beautiful. Situated in the center of city and it occupies the area of 77 ha. The campus of the University of Technology in Gdańsk is continuously being developed. Elegant, modern, and eco-friendly buildings co-exist with-charming and majestic edifices. Classes take place in modern auditoriums and well equipped specialized laboratories. The Gdańsk University of Technology owns 625 didactic and research laboratories. Recent additions include the Nanotechnology Centre, the LINTE^2 Laboratories and the Immersive 3D Visualization Lab. The University provides modern housing for almost 2660 students in 12 dormitories as well as possesses a high quality Academic Sports Centre.



SpecializationFacultyLanguageApplication feeFee per year
Green Technologies and MonitoringChemistryEnglish 20 euro4000 euro
ManagementManagement and EconomicsEnglish 20 euro4000 euro
Data EngineeringElectronics, Telecommunications and InformaticsEnglish 20 euro4000 euro
Energy TechnologiesMechanical Engineering, Electrical and Control Engineering, Ocean Engineering and Ship TechnologyEnglish 20 euro4000 euro


SpecializationFacultyLanguageApplication feeFee per year
ArchitectureArchitectureEnglishа20 euro2800 euro
Green Technologies and MonitoringChemistryEnglish 20 euro4000 euro
NanotechnologyApplied Physics and MathematicsEnglish 20 eurofree
Geodesy and CartographyCivil and Environmental EngineeringEnglish 20 euro4000 euro
Environmental EngineeringCivil and Environmental EngineeringEnglish 20 euro4000 euro
Civil EngineeringCivil and Environmental EngineeringEnglish20 euro4000 euro
International ManagementManagement and EconomicsEnglish20 euro5000 euro
Small Business Economics & ManagementManagement and EconomicsEnglish20 euro5000 euro
Economic AnalyticsManagement and EconomicsEnglish20 euro5000 euro
Automatic Control and RoboticsElectrical and Control EngineeringEnglish20 euro3100 euro
Mechanical Engineering (International Design Engineer)Mechanical EngineeringEnglish20 euro4200 euro
Electronics and TelecommunicationsElectronics, Telecommunications and InformaticsEnglish20 euro3100 euro
InformaticsElectronics, Telecommunications and InformaticsEnglish20 euro3100 euro
Control Engineering and RoboticsElectronics, Telecommunications and InformaticsEnglish20 euro3100 euro
Ocean EngineeringOcean Engineering and Ship TechnologyEnglish20 euro4000 euro


Key facts

  • Politechnika Gdańska (PG)
  • City: Gdańsk
  • Educational level: Bachelor’s, Master’s
  • State university
  • Number of students – 25 000
  • 9 faculties, 41 specialities
  • Discounts: 10% discount on tuition fee in the first year of studies if you apply with ENTRANT agency