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If you decided to enter the university in Poland, you will probably want to know how much it is cost to live in Poland, how to live there legally and other information. Especially for future students of Polish universities, we have prepared a kind of guideline in Polish prices. We will tell you about how much you have to spend for a dormitory, apartment, food and transport in Poland. Each entrant must remember that you will spend much more money for living in a large city than in a small town. Also, we will tell you about the legalization in Poland and other useful information.

The cost of accommodation during education

Let us start with dwelling

The cost of dormitory differs in every city and university. The cost of Polish dormitory may also vary depending on how many people live in one room. By the way, in a room you can live independently or with 1-2 neighbors. There are some options for married couples. So, for your accommodation you have to allocate 400 to 650 PLN per month. If you want to live in student’s dormitory, you should ask about the price while entering the university.
If you want to rent an apartment, you should be ready to pay more. The price for studio apartments starts from 1000 PLN per month and above. Of course, you can rent a two-bedroom apartment with friends, but it will be still more expensive than a hostel – from 500 to 1,000 zl per month.


As for food, every month you will need to spend 400 to 600 zl. In Poland there are many shops and supermarkets, where you can buy products in a price. For example, such shops are well-known “Tesco”, “Lidl”, “Biedronka”, “Carrefour”, and “Auchan”. On the official websites of these stores you can find the price of any product that you are interested in. You should also take into account such expenses as clothing, stationery, sports, and entertainment. For example, ticket to the cinema costs around 15 PLN; coffee and cake in the cafe around 15-20 PLN; monthly subscription to the gym – from 60 to 160 PLN. However, these costs are quite personal, so it is difficult to give clear specifics, but each prospective student must take these costs into account.


In Poland, there is a variety of tickets for public transport. You can buy a ticket for one travel, per day, per month, per every three months, group ticket for the weekend and others. Tickets in every city are different. The average fare Polish students need to allocate is approximately 50PLN per month. Do not forget to punch tickets you have bought, because if you do not do this, you will pay a 226PLN penalty.
As for the price for taxi, they vary a lot. The rates in various Polish cities are different. Price for 1 km varies from 1.40 to 2.80 zl. After 22.00 to 6.00 rates are rising twice. There may be additional surcharge for luggage or pets transporting.

Working during education

Students, who are studying in Poland, have enough free time to join education and work. Students can work during summer holidays or several hours after classes. Around 20 hours per week student can work. You can find job in cafes, shops, supermarkets and other places. Wages in these cells are above 8-11zl. per hour, making it possible to earn from 600 to 900 PLN per month. You will agree that this is good earnings for the student.
Also, very common way to earn some money in Poland is paid practice or services. Almost every university in Poland has bureaus of practices and careers that help students to find practice on the specialty. It gives the opportunity for students to earn some money and learn how to use their skills.

Health Insurance

Each foreign student, during the stay in Poland, may use medical care if he or she insured in NFZ. NFZ (National Health Fund) is a Polish government agency which deals with financing of medical care through contributions paid by persons insured in NFZ. Every foreigner who stays legally in Poland may voluntarily be insured in NFZ.
For students who have Polish origin (with the Polish Card), health insurance paid by the university.

Residence card

Residence card is a document which confirms a person who is staying on the territory of Republic of Poland. There are two types of card: Temporary residence card and Permanent residence card.

Temporary residence card

Confirms student’s legally stay in Poland. Every student has a right to get such card. What are the benefits of receiving Temporary residence card?

  • Student gets an access to Schengen area and there is no need to make visas;
  • You can legally work in Poland;
  • The ability to buy motor transport;
  • And others.

Permanent residence card

Confirms that student’s permanent place of living is Poland. Student can get such card, if he or she has Polish origins or if student’s husband or wife is a citizen of Poland. What are the benefits of receiving Permanent residence card?

  • Student gets an access to Schengen area and there is no need to make visas;
  • You get the ability to study in the Polish universities for free or to get scholarships;
  • Legally work in Poland;
  • The right to free medical emergency;
  • The right to obtain Polish citizenship;
  • Option to purchase immovability and motor transport;
  • The possibility to get a loan;
  • The ability to start their own business;
  • And others.