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Education in Poland is a high quality European education at a relatively low price. Foreign students who do not have Polish descent can join a Polish higher education institution for a paid tuition fee. The average cost of studying at universities in Poland for foreigners is € 2,000 a year. The cost of tuition in each university depends on its pricing policy, educational offer, and opportunities provided by the institution. It’s worth noting that learning in English is more expensive.

Education in Poland for foreigners is possible both on a paid basis and free of charge. Free education is available to the owners of the Polish Card (entry on equal terms for Poles) or on a scholarship or promotional program:

  • Scholarship from Polish government – student can get it on the basis of bilateral agreements. This scholarship exempt from tuition fees and student will receive scholarships monthly. To get the scholarship from Polish government you should left an application at the nearest consulate of Poland;
  • University Scholarship – some universities in Poland have the right to set their own scholarships and discounts for foreign students or even exempt from tuition fees.

In addition, every foreign student can apply to certain powers of the University and ask for the discount or exemption from tuition fees, because of a difficult financial situation.

Applicants who have a Polish Card can study at universities in Poland under the same conditions as the Poles. Education can be free of charge or student can receive a significant discount on education, also he or she can receive a variety of scholarships. They are:

  • Social scholarships;
  • Scholarships for good achievements in sports;
  • Scholarships for good results in education;
  • Scholarships for food and accommodation;
  • And others.