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You have already received higher education, but the chosen profession did not meet your expectations, or you just want to change the field or increase the knowledge gained? We suggest you consider the option of obtaining a second higher education in Poland, or in other words – postgraduate education! What are the characteristics of receiving the second higher education in Poland?

Postgraduate study in Poland – designed for entrants who have already completed the first-level qualification at least, that is, you must have a Bachelor’s, Engineering or Masters degree.  So, anyone with the above mentioned degree can receive a second higher education. Postgraduate education in Poland has an extremely wide range of specialties. Usually such training lasts from one to two years and ends with obtaining a certificate (not a diploma!).

The cost of postgraduate education in Poland is extremely diverse, due to many factors, including: the place (city, university), the popularity of the course, the duration of classes, teachers, etc. Most universities in Poland have their own educational offer of this type of study.

Postgraduate education has many benefits that are of particular importance, especially in today’s extremely dynamic world.:

  • rapid educational process. Today, we often do not have the opportunity to decide on a second area of study or doctorate. Postgraduate education enables you to acquire the necessary education and knowledge quickly and effectively (about 2 years). Also, keep in mind that these classes are usually held on weekends, which is very important for people who are already working.
  • increase of knowledge. In almost every direction, from the humanities, through business and medical education, which we studied at undergraduate or master’s degree, we can increase knowledge in postgraduate education. So you can expand your knowledge with additional specialization thanks to a training program designed to expand the existing knowledge.
  • expansion of the horizons. Postgraduate education also gives you the opportunity to study in areas that are completely unrelated to previous education. We can thus, for example, finish the “architecture” and go to the “management of postgraduate education”. For example, it may be necessary in order to get a high executive position in the company.
  • increasing mobility in the labor market. Postgraduate education helps to find a job, as well as get a job promotion.