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The terms of entering the university in Poland may have some differences from the terms of entering the university in other countries. Every university in Poland establishes certain rules to accept entrants for education. So, which information should you know while entering the university in Poland?

First of all, to enter the Polish university on Bachelor degree, student must finish secondary education and get a certificate of secondary education; to enter the university on Master’s degree, student must have Bachelor’s degree diploma. Certificate of secondary education or a Bachelor’s degree diploma, issued in other countries, must be nostrificated or students must have Apostilles to these documents. Apostille is a special stamp which appears on official documents and confirms the authenticity of the document. Apostille certifies the authenticity of the signature on the document and the identity of the seal or stamp which it bears.

Entering the university in Poland you do not need to pass additional exams, as it is needed when you are going to study in other countries.

Of course, while planning to study in Poland, entrant must have a valid child’s travel document or passport.

During the period of entering the university knowledge of the Polish language is not required, but the applicant must know Polish at least at the primary level. In spite of this, some schools require a document which proves that student knows the language. Such documents could be:

  • Certificate of completion of the appropriate language course (e.g. annual language course for university studies in Polish; the period of the course is included in the period of study and during this time a person has all rights which students have);
  • Certificate of proficiency of Polish language, issued by the State Commission for recognition knowledge of Polish as a foreign language.

If the applicant does not have such a document, he or she may be interviewed in the university and obtain the required certificate.

Many universities offer education completely or partially in English. If the student wants to study at the English program, he or she must have a document confirming proficiency of the language (international test such as TOEFL, IELTS and others). If the applicant does not have such a document, he/she can write such test in the Polish university.