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You can enter part-time education courses to obtain higher education in Poland, ie classes will be held on weekends every two weeks. First of all, this is a perfect option for those who want to combine work and study. After all, you will be able to work 5 days a week, and study on the weekends. What are the nuances for foreign entrants to study in correspondence in Poland?

Importantly, choosing part-time education in one of the universities in Poland does not mean inferior quality. After all, the volume of lecture hours is almost the same as during full-time education, the only difference is the schedule of classes. Usually, at universities in Poland, classes for students attending the course are held twice a month on Saturdays and Sundays (some universities hold the part-time learning process from Friday evenings, classes start from 8.00 am and continue until 8 pm). During part-time education courses, you will pass the same program, the same practical and lecture lessons as during full-time education. But you must be aware that you will also need to devote more time to self-education. As for the price of part-time education courses, there is no significant difference in comparison with the full-time education! The average cost of part-time education in universities in Poland is 6000-7000 pln per year. It is worth noting that Polish part-time students are not eligible for scholarships.

Students of Polish universities have the right to change their education form, for example, from the full-time form to part-time studies and vice versa. Part-time studies are available at undergraduate and postgraduate levels.

And one of the most important questions: how do employers in Poland refer to part-time education? This is not a problem, but even the other way round. After all, as a rule, undergraduate students already have experience, which is a huge plus in finding a job. To sum up, education in Poland on a part-time basis has more advantages than disadvantages and is suitable for those who can combine work and study.