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Type of education

Education in Lublin is education in the largest and fastest growing academic center on the eastern side of Poland. Due to the proximity of the eastern border, this city is colorful and diverse in terms of languages ​​and cultures. This is also due to the students who come to the city every year from different corners of Poland and the world. Each year, the population of Lublin increases by about 70 thousand students. Lublin is a city of gardens, parks, forests, hills.

Study in Lublin – Universities

Higher education in Lublin is represented by 5 state universities and 6 private universities. Lublin universities promote the city in the first place in the classification of Polish academic cities. Medical programs offered by universities in Lublin are the most popular among entrants. And also technical specialties. Universities in Lublin offer many of the major areas of study that you will find everywhere.

  • University College of Enterprise and Administration

    City: Lublin

    The mission of the University College of Enterprise and Administration in Lublin is to teach students to be creative, develop their careers and help them to find their own place in globalizing world.

  • Lublin University of Technology

    City: Lublin

    Люблінська Політехніка це державний університет технічного профілю, заснований ще у 1953 році. З моменту свого створення, політехніка навчає інженерно-технічну кадру і проводить наукові дослідження, головним чином на задоволення потреб Люблінського регіону. Основні напрямки навчання, що проводяться в університеті сьогодні, пов’язані з розвитком дизайну і технологій, охорони навколишнього середовища та економії енергії і матеріалів. Люблінська Політехніка

  • University of Economics and Innovation

    City: Lublin

    University of Economics and Innovation in Lublin (WSEI) was established on the strength of the permission of the Minister of Education and Sport of 24th October 2000. The founder of the University is Polish Foundation of the Opportunities Industrialization Centers “OIC Poland”, which is the private non-governmental organization, based in Lublin. The Foundation was established

  • University of Social and Natural Sciences of Paul Vincent

    City: Lublin

    University of Social and Natural Sciences of Vincent Paul in Lublin is a higher educational institution which acts under the authority of the Minister of National Education from July 12, 2000. The university was created with the thought of all those who want to realize their professional goals and materialize their hobbies. The university offers full-day

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