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University of Social and Natural Sciences of Paul Vincent

About the University

University of Social and Natural Sciences of Vincent Paul in Lublin is a higher educational institution which acts under the authority of the Minister of National Education from July 12, 2000. The university was created with the thought of all those who want to realize their professional goals and materialize their hobbies.

The university offers full-day studies and distance studies on three levels of education: graduate, postgraduate and litcensee. University also provides education in English. It has experienced and highly qualified teachers, who graduated from the outstanding academic centers, and professionals, practitioners operating in different sectors. The university has expanded Erasmus card. So students can go on exchange to the European Union as well as to Norway, Iceland, Liechtenstein and Turkey. During the visits, students receive additional scholarships.

University has modern equipment, new laboratories, and special classrooms, which provide the high quality of practices and implementation of didactic and scientific purposes, contained in the educational plan. Students can use conference hall for 200 people. And cabinets of physiotherapy, cosmetics, biomechanics, massage, chemical laboratory, scientific audience tourism, hotel business, gastronomy, geography and science. The building of the university has: gym, rooms for aerobics and gymnastics gyms to perform general developmental exercises. Students also have the opportunity to attend an indoor pool and pavilion for sports. Through this, students have convenient access as a means of public transport and cars.

University has a computer network based on advanced systems with constant satellite radio and internet, which you can use in any location of the university. Students can use the rich library fund of Social and Natural High School of Paul Vincent (over 20 000 volumes). Indoors the university there is also a modern gym, a sports hall, cozy cafe. University of Social and Natural Sciences of Paul Vincent in Lublin is located at the intersection of the main communication arteries of the city.



SpecializationFacultyLanguageApplication feeFee per year
Physiotherapy (5 years)Health SciencesEnglish200 euro4800 euro
CosmetologyHealth SciencesEnglish200 euro3600 euro
NursingHealth SciencesEnglish200 euro3000 euro
Tourism and recreationTourism and SportsEnglish200 euro4400 euro
Physical educationTourism and SportsEnglish200 euro4000 euro


SpecializationFacultyLanguageApplication feeFee per year
Tourism and recreationTourism and SportsEnglish200 euro4800 euro



Key facts

  • Wyższa Szkoła Społeczno – Przyrodnicza im. Wincentego Pola (WSSP Pola)
  • City: Lublin
  • Educational level: Bachelor’s, Master’s
  • Private university
  • The number of students -2000
  • 3 faculties, 12 specialties
  • Discounts: –