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You’ve probably heard about studying transport, logistics and freight forwarding. So, what exactly are those specialties? Are they perspective in terms of future career? And which universities in Poland offer these kinds of programs?

The cooperation between firms, both national and international, creates opportunities, but also demands from universities particular requirements that need to be fulfilled in terms of future specialists in the field of planning and transport and logistics processes. Getting a qualitative education in those fields of study gives the opportunity to be employed in big transportation and logistics companies to their graduates.

The education in transportation and logistics provides and develops knowledge in such disciplines as mathematics, management and marketing, information technologies, law as well as notions about processes that regulate international and national freights with such tools as production logistics, procurement logistics, distributional logistics, infrastructure logistics, design of logistics and expenditure analysis.

The young professionals are demanded by the firms which specialize in transportation of goods and services, as well as companies and administrative bodies that regulate the law in logistics sphere. The graduates are prepared enough to get the positions of coordinators, specialists in goods’ movement and transportation in national and international companies; they are also competent to work as managers.

Hence, transport, logistics and freight forwarding are undoubtedly perspective fields of study. Those are quickly developing spheres and the companies do need well-educated and qualified specialists. Polish universities are following the tendencies in the labor market, implementing and developing educational programs with the emphasis on practical knowledge.

We would recommend you to take a look at the list of suggested universities in Poland in case you want to apply for the transport, logistics and freight forwarding programS:

The International University of Logistics and Transport in Wroclaw

University of of Logistics in Poznan

Academy of Social Sciences

University of Finance and Management

University of Business and Administration

The University of Humanities and Economics in Lodz

For more detailed information about the application process to universities, programs and education in Poland, please, CONTACT us.