Admission to the University always takes a certain period of time, and when finally the decision on admission to the university in your hands, there is only one thing to do – to get a visa. At first glance, the process of obtaining a polish student visa is a lengthy and complicated procedure, but if you have understood everything, you would make sure that to get a visa in Poland is not so difficult. So, to bring to your attention is information about student visa for citizens of different countries.

Requirements for the Polish student visa are almost the same for the citizens of different countries. Differ can only some of the details, but in general, the Polish consulate requires a standard set of documents. In order to submit your documents for a visa, first of all you have to register; it can be done online or by calling to the consulate. First, and perhaps the most important thing that a candidate should have for a visa is a valid passport. While submitting documents for an annual visa you have to be sure that your passport will be valid for three months after the end of the visa. Such requirements have all visa centers and consulates. Also, you have to have an internal passport and a copy thereof, as well as a copy of a foreign passport. An interesting fact is that not all countries share the internal and the foreign passport, for example, residents of Belarus have only one passport, which acts as an internal, and as a foreign. It is also important to remember that the passport has to have at least two blank pages for visas and stamps.

The next thing required when applying for avisa is a completed visa application form. Typically, such an application can be downloaded on the websites of the consulate or visa center; application form has to be printed and filled. Another important element is a medical insurance policy. The health insurance must be valid in all the countries – participants of the Schengen agreement, with the amount of coating no less than 30,000 euros for emergency medical care.

Since the students open a visa on the basis of studies in Poland, an important document is an invitation for studying from the University. Such an invitation you can get from the university in which you are going to study. Pointing to in an official document that you are enrolled to a university, a higher education institution confirm that you are traveling abroad for education, so while applying for a visa, it is important to have the original of the invitation.

Often, consulates require a confirmation about the availability of funds. Usually, this is a reference from the bank that you have enough money in your account for staying abroad. Consulates also require confirmation about the payment of tuition fees (for one semester or for the whole year). Be sure to make two photos for the visa and add them to all the documents.

As was mentioned earlier, most of the requirements are the same for the citizens of different countries, but there are exceptions. For example, in Kazakhstan requires a document that proves a legal residence in the Republic of Kazakhstan, for instance residence permit. In Ukraine, you can apply for a visa not only at the consulate, but also in the specialized visa centers that are located in different cities of the country. Since the beginning of July to the end of September in such departments organize so-called “green corridors”. These corridors are designed for students who are obtaining a visa without prior registration.

Remember that all who want to study in Poland should open the National Polish visa type D, which provides a long stay in the territory of the Republic of Poland.

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