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The process of obtaining a Polish visa is not difficult and problematic if everything is well prepared. Student visa of Poland has its own certain requirement that are easy, normal and basic just like any other country. So let’s deal with everything in detail!

If you became a student of the Polish University, entered annual preparatory language course – you need to get a student visa in Poland. This is a national visa category D, which gives the right long-term stay in the territory of the Republic of Poland. Simple words – with study visa you can stay in Poland for a whole year and enter and leave unlimited number of times.

Immediately dispel all the questions from the series “Can I go study on a Schengen visa?” or “Now there is a visa-free regime – why should I open a visa?”. Both the visa-free regime and the Schengen visa are an option for those who do not plan to stay on the territory of the Republic of Poland longer than 90 days for half a year, which is definitely not enough to get an education. In short, “visa-free travel” and “Schengen” – for tourist, guest and business purposes; for study – National D-type visa.

The visa can be obtained at the diplomatic institutions of the Republic of Poland: at the embassy, ​​at the consulate or at visa centers. Poland has deployed its embassies in 91 countries around the world. Documents for obtaining a visa are filed in your country at the place of registration. Therefore, it is worth knowing in advance what visa district you belong to.

When should I start the application process for a student visa? After receiving an official document on enrollment from the university and at least 3 months before the planned date of arrival in Poland. If the beginning of studying is from October 1, then you can apply for a visa no earlier than July 1.

The process of the obtaining a Polish student visa in 2018

Although the whole process of the obtaining a Polish student visa seems very scary, but in fact consists of only 4 steps:

  1. Registration for the submission of documents for the obtaining a visa. At this step, you need to reserve for yourself the date and time for submitting documents. In each country, this process looks a little bit different, so you need to get acquainted with the information on the official website of the Polish Embassy of your country or call to the Customer Service.
  2. Collect documents. This is the most difficult step in all process.
  3. Submit documents. You have to appear on time with all documents! We remind you that applications are to be personally submitted by the visa applicants.
  4. Get your visa. Now you can collect your bags and go to study in Poland!

Required documents for the obtaining a Polish student visa

  • A signed and complete filled Visa Application Form.
  • Valid international passport that must be valid for at least three months after you plan to leave Poland and contains at least two blank pages (original and copies).
  • Internal passport original and copy of all the pages with notes or ID card with a statement from the demographic register (original and copies).
  • 2 passport-size photo in color meeting requirements.
  • Medical insurance that is accepted in Europe.
  • Official letter from the polish university where get admission. And proof of Accommodation in dormitory in Poland or other documents.
  • Receipt for the payment of the first semester/year of study.
  • Proof that you are financially strong enough to bear your educational and living expenses in Poland.
  • Visa Application Fee

As a rule, the provision of the above-mentioned documents is sufficient to obtain a student visa to Poland, however, when considering consular documents in justified cases, you may be called for an interview or request additional documents.

Student visa of Poland – cost and processing time

As practice shows, the period for obtaining a visa to Poland takes from 5 to 10 working days. But on the official websites of the Polish consulates there is information that the time for consideration of documents can take up to 30 days.
Cost of student visa:

  • Visa fee.Since 2017, for citizens of Ukraine, when applying for a visa for category D, the visa fee is 0 euros, for citizens of all other countries – 60 euros. This is the payment for reviewing your documents.
  • Service fee. It is from 15 to 20 euros, according to the country and paid in national currency. This is the payment for the services of the visa center.
  • Additional payments. This payment for the policy of medical insurance, photographs, photocopies or for example for courier services, SMS alerts, etc.
Refusal to issue a visa to Poland

Obtaining a refusal of a Polish study visa is extremely rare. Compared with other European countries, Poland in this matter is considered very loyal. If you are refused because of a lack of a document, a mistake in it or in its reliability, do not be discouraged. You can re-apply the documents, eliminating the reason for the refusal or appealing the revision of the decision. If the refusal was given to you in connection with various criminal reasons, defense capacity or state security of Poland, a visa will not be opened to you. Therefore, before submitting documents it is worth checking all three times in order to avoid failure.

Can I work in Poland with a Student Visa?
Yes, a polish student visa gives the full right to work legally in Poland. From 2015, students of Polish universities of full-time education can find employment, without any restrictions!

We hope you find the information provided in this publication to be informative and helpful to you. The company ENTRANT sp. z o. o. provides a full package of services for the registration of foreign applicants for study in Poland, including support for the whole process of obtaining a student visa. With confidence, we can say that with us the entire process of issuing a visa will be for you as easily as possible.