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In Ukraine, school education may end after grades 9 or 11. The choice is made by parents and children. Some of them decide to continue their education before completing secondary education. But those who already know what kind of profession they need in future, and who want to start the learning process right now, leave the school after the end of the 9th form. And here’s where to get further knowledge to help become a high-level professional – this is a more interesting question. All the advantages and disadvantages must be taken into account.

Advantages of studying in Poland after grade 9

Apparently there is no profession that would be impossible to get in Polish educational institutions. In addition, there are many advantages to studying in Poland. For example, documents that are available to students in Ukraine (Graduate Certificate ninth grade) are fully recognized by the Polish colleges . In addition, this country is territorially close to its native state, which means that it will not be far to go.

Minor students in Poland after grade 9 are under special control – they are paid much attention not only in terms of learning, but also in spiritual and physical development. Different circles and sports sections are always at the service of young students. Living at the dormitory is not very expensive, but safety, quality food and medical care are guaranteed if necessary. Mentors will always provide a complete report on the state of health of the student, his success in learning or the nuances that need to be addressed.

The similarity of language and the ease of studying it also becomes an advantage when studying in Poland. Even students who do not understand foreign languages very well will understand Polish from the beginning of their studies. In order to fully understand the teachers of the institution, it is advisable to complete language courses – they are not very expensive, but they bring a lot of benefits. Incidentally, one more plus of the training is that it is free.

The knowledge that a student will receive in a college while studying in Poland is immediately applied in practice. That is, a young specialist can work after graduation. So, life, quality of education, care for diverse development – all speaks in favor of beginning studies in technical schools in Poland after the ninth grade.

Disadvantages of studying in Poland after grade 9

First, parents are frightened by household hardships, more precisely, how the teenager can handle them. And this is another language, a distant distance and the need to quickly learn autonomy. And all this is at 15-16 years old. So, the disadvantages of education in Poland for someone can become insurmountable.

After the ninth grade education lasts for four years, and entry into a higher education institution in Poland is only possible after the first year. That is, two years (compared with the opportunity to arrive after grade 11) are lost. Therefore, not everyone sees studying in Poland for the future really promising.

To obtain a diploma after studying in Poland students must pass special examinations. Therefore, it makes sense to go only when there is no doubt that the student will learn skillfully throughout the school year.

But all this should be done in order to receive high-quality education and excellent knowledge. Prospects for studying in Poland are also significant, so difficulties are a very small fee for them.