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Residential issues for future students and their parents are one of the most important, after choosing a good university. This is not surprising. The decision is accepted – very soon you will be in the field of student life! And living in comfortable and affordable conditions is an important moment. Student dormitories are a great way to enjoy low-cost lives while studying in Poland. So what do you need to know about dorms in Poland?

Student Accommodation in Poland

Firstly, the student dorms, like the universities in Poland, are state and private. State belong to the state universities, that is, when you enroll in a state university you will get a place in his student house. In private dormitories, students of various private universities usually collaborate with them.

In state student dorms, there are usually single, double and triple rooms with an area of ​​approximately 15-20 m2. Their equipment includes everything necessary for a comfortable live and study, namely: beds (usually provided with pillows, blankets and linen), writing tables with lamps, shelves and cabinets for personal belongings. The rooms have internet access. Often there are refrigerators, although this is not a rule.

In most dorms, each floor is divided into segments, which include 2 or 3 rooms. Segments are often assigned bathrooms with washbasins, showers and toilets. On each floor there is usually a kitchen, or even one, a room with a washing machine and a drier. You can also count on a dining room, a science room, gym.

Private dormitories in Poland are rooms or even small apartments (the standard has separate bathrooms, sometimes with kitchen corners) much more convenient than rooms in state dorms. In private dormitories we will not find old beds or shabby walls. Private dorms offer students many conveniences adapted to the present. Extremely fast Internet access in rooms and not only, gym, fenced area, 24-hour security or underground parking. Clear rental rules and the lack of legal and financial surprises are also a huge advantage of private dormitories.

Сost of accommodation in a dormitory in Poland

Usually the cost of accommodation in a state dormitory ranges is around 80-100 euros per month for a shared room, in private dorms will be more expensive by 25 euros. It is not possible to tax one price for accommodation. In different cities, different universities have different pricing rates. For example, students at the Warsaw University of Technology will pay 470 pln for a double room and 770 for a single room. Students from the Wroclaw University of Technology will be able to spend from 370 to 450 pln per month. In turn, students from the University of Wroclaw will pay from 380 to 750 pln per month in a single renovated room.

An alternative option for a student in Poland is rent an apartment or a room. These options are more expensive. But the apartment can be rented together with friends, sharing equally rental funds, which in the end will not significantly more expensive than the dorms. The prices of apartments for rent in Poland vary mainly depending on the location and the condition of the flat

To summarize, dormitories in Poland are comfortable living conditions with all that are needed, as in other European countries. Each student will definitely have fun and feel full student years. The ENTRANT agency, in the service area, reserves the dorms and provides housing recruitment services for its entrants.