Wroclaw is a city full of energy, and, mostly, the large amount of young people who are studying here, make it such. According to the statistics, around 130 thousands of students are studying in Wroclaw. Not only local students, but also students from whole Poland and from other countries are choosing Wroclaw as a place to study in. Many entrants from Ukraine, Belarus, Kazakhstan, Turkey, Norway, and other countries come to study in Wroclaw. Wroclaw is considered to be a students’ city.

Free time

Wroclaw is one of the most developed culture centers in Poland. Students could not complain of being bored in Wroclaw. Not without reason the city was nominated as a European cultural capital 2016 and Universal capital of book 2016. Beside this, Wroclaw regularly holds music festivals and concerts. Around 20 different museums are situated there. Most of the museums propose free entrance at the particular day of the week. Wroclaw has a lot of discos, bars, cafes, where people can spend their free time with pleasure, relax, and have a rest with friends. Even little walk around the city will bring you a lot of positive emotions.
Slodova Island is one of the interesting places in Wroclaw. Here, different concerts, performances, open-air cinemas, and other events are held. Most of the events are free for everyone. In such way, this island became a popular meeting point.
Wroclaw has a lot of bars for students’ budget, such called “bar mleczny”. Such establishments are the most popular among students, because here you can order a plate of soup for 2-3 zlotys, and the lunch will cost just 10 zlotys. Also, bars where dishes are sold by weight became very popular. For 100g you will pay 2.59 zlotys.


Students in Wroclaw usually travel by buses or trams. There are also night buses. Students’ ticket for one travel costs 1,50zl. Monthly ticket for all lines will cost 49 zlotys; ticket for 4 months could be bought for 150 zlotys, ticket for 5 months – 185 zlotys. As an alternative for public transport, people use bicycles, which could be rent for hours. Nowadays, there are 700 bicycles at more than 70 stations around the city. The net of bicycles to rent is in regular development; the price for registration in the system is 10 zlotys. If you rent a bicycle for less than 20 minutes, the system will not get money for this. The travel from 20 to 60 minutes will cost 2 zlotys. Every next hour will be 4 zlotys. There is also an airport in Wroclaw, from which cheap airlines are flying, which is playing a big role for international students.


Usually, students choose to live at dormitories. Wroclaw has a lot of dorms, but because of large amount of students, places there are quickly exhausted. So, if you want to have a room at dormitory, you should think about this beforehand. Prices for living at students’ dorms may vary from 300 to 500 zlotys per month, though, there are also such prices as 850zl. If you want to rent a room in a flat, it will cost 600-800 zlotys, rent a one-room flat will cost a little bit more.

Wroclaw universities

Practically, university entrants could find any type of higher education establishments in Wroclaw. Everybody will find something he/she is interested in. The post popular universities are Wroclaw University, Wroclaw University of Economics, and Wroclaw University of Technology.

Wroclaw University is one of the most famous universities in Wroclaw. More than 31 000 students are studying here; every year around 6000 students enter this university. University has 6 dormitories and provides students with all necessary things.

Wroclaw University of Economics is one of the best economical universities in Poland. More than 15 000 students are studying at the university; every year around 4000 of youth starts their education. The university has 4 faculties, large library, and 3 dorms for students.

University of Life Sciences is a good specialized university in Poland, which takes the second place in amount of obtained patents in country. More than 11 000 students are studying at this university, and more than 3 000 students are applying every year. The university has 6 dormitories for students.

Wroclaw University of Technology is considered to be one of the best Polish technical universities. Also, this university has the biggest amount of students, because here more than 33 thousands students are studying and more than 10 000 entrants start education every year. University of Technology proposes education at 16 faculties and has 12 dormitories for students.

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