Polish private universities play a significant role in higher education. Each year they attract more and more students. A large number of private universities offers training at the same level as the best public universities. Moreover, their educational offer more varied and adapted to the modern requirements of the labor market. However, choosing such type of University, you must be careful, because among the good, there are also weak.

Large selection of private universities in Poland

In 2015, 302 private universities functioned in Poland and about 359,178 students enrolled in them. Today, they offer a large variety of specialties in different areas, namely, economics, management, finance, information technology and others. Warsaw occupies the first position by the number of private universities. Outside the capital, the largest student cities are Krakow, Wroclaw, Lublin, Lodz, Poznan. Accordingly, the majority of the private universities are located there. But the specifics of private universities is that there is a large number of them in small towns in Poland. In them you can find a really good private universities that are leaders. For example, the University College of Tourism and Ecology in Sucha Beskidzka (WSTiE), which has the most attractive offers of practices and internships in Poland and abroad.

Private university does not mean bad!

The truth is that among the more than 300 private universities in Poland, there are a lot of weak that do not have really something to brag about. However, most of them offering a very worthy level of education, and competes with the best public universities. The attitude of employers is also changed to the graduates of private universities. They know that private universities in Poland are focused on the practical skills of their students, as well as learning foreign languages. Many private Polish Universities enjoyed great authority and they do not have no equal in certain areas. For example, the Department of Psychology is recognized as the strongest among all universities in the University of Social Sciences and Humanities in Warsaw. Polish-Japanese Academy of Information Technology in Warsaw is a promising institution of higher education in the field of information technology, as well as Lazarski University is very popular in the direction of law and international relations.

The price of education

In private universities, education is paid for all, namely, for Poles and foreigners, and to those who have the Card of the Pole. Prices are quite diverse. The average price of education is 4000-5000 PLN per year, although there is as the cheaper options and more expensive. Students of private universities have the same rights as students of public university. You can apply for grants for social and academic scholarships. Students also receive discounts on public transport. In addition, private universities often make attractive discounts on training.

Consequently, private universities in Poland are not worse, they put a lot of effort for their development and go hand in hand with labor market requirements, moreover, provide many opportunities for their students.

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