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Do you want to start studying at the university, where you will simultaneously receive the deep knowledge and skills needed in the labor market, and getting to know interesting people, the opportunity to develop your interests and just have fun? Do you want to study at one of the most prestigious and popular universities in Poland? Join the group of students Lazarski University in Warsaw – one of the oldest Polish non-state universities, which is leading in the field of economic and legal sciences. So why should you choose to study at the University of Lazarski?

Advantages of studying at the Lazarski University in Warsaw

  • According to the well-known rating of Polish universities “Perspektywy” in 2018, the Lazarski University, as in previous years, retains its position in the top three leaders of private universities in Poland – 3rd place. This indicator confirms not only a high level of education, but also the fact that the university provides everything necessary for its students.
  • According to surveys conducted by the university, according to student satisfaction, it was found that about 80% of students already work during their studies. These data indicate, above all, that the university offers attractive areas of study for both the candidate and employers. Training programs are updated in consultation with employers, experts and students.
  • The Lazarski University in Warsaw is a unique and popular educational program. At university you can get an education on 20 prestigious specializations, among which, for example: medical and aviation law; transport, logistics and forwarding; financial markets; interactive marketing and others. In addition, the Lazarski University is one of the first private universities that provide medical studies. A double degree program in conjunction with the British Coventry University is a unique opportunity for students to get an education and a diploma from 2 prestigious universities.
  • The University attaches great importance to the acquisition of practical and professional experience by students. In addition to compulsory internships for students of Lazar University, study trips to enterprises and corporations are organized, and participation in long-term paid internships for students and graduates is possible. The university organizes employer exchanges, meetings with practitioners, career planning training, individual and group consultations with professional consultants, and more.
  • Studying at the Lazarski University in Warsaw is learning in a modern campus. Classes are held in modern and well-equipped rooms. On campus there is a canteen, cafe and vending machines with drinks and sweets. On campus there is a modern library and computer room, various bureaus that help students. Students have access to high speed internet. Ground and underground parking is also available.

Choosing a university is a decision that can influence the future career of a candidate. Therefore, studying in Poland at a prestigious university is a good start! The educational center ENTRANT cooperates only with the ranking universities of Poland. We are already an official partner of the Lazarski University in Warsaw, and all our students who have chosen this university have not been disappointed in this choice!