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Lazarski University opened its doors for the students back in 1992, hence – 22 years ago. The mission of the University was defined almost a quarter of a century ago but still remains a relevant one: to create a space that exemplifies the international character, and practical applications of education and the importance of a work ethos. Throughout those past 22 years the University has changed into almost unrecognizable school. There were founded various educational programs that match the demand of employers on today’s labor market, there were also organized numerous conferences and lectures of foreign professionals. Additionally, the one striking peculiarity of Lazarski University is their offer of a double degree diploma. You may be a little bit confused by this term, that is why let’s proceed to the article so you can get a full idea of what this program actually means.

Years ago Lazarski University has developed a partner program with Coventry University (Great Britain). This British school is of 200-years traditions and experience. It was included in different international rankings like “Entrepreneurial University of the Year” according to the Times Higher Education and is one of the 15 best British universities according to the Guardian.

Anyway, why such a type of education is worth your attention and consideration? If you are applying for that program you receive an opportunity to graduate with diplomas of 2 prestigious universities. This way you’ll obtain official document that will prove the completion of programs in both universities after 3 years of Bachelor’s or 2 years of Master’s studies. You may ask: how do they make sure that high quality of education is provided?

In cooperation with Lazarski Coventry University developed and now annually reviews educational programs of Business Economics and International Relations for both Bachelor’s and Master’s degrees. All written students’ papers, exams, essays and even quizzes are double-checked by the professors of Lazarski and Coventry schools. So, this way Coventry University officially approves that obtained knowledge responds to the standards of both universities. Besides that the course coordinators obtained their degrees in European or American Schools. Moreover, Lazarski is trying to attract new specialists and very often invites new teachers. So, don’t be surprised that when starting a new course you find out the coordinator is an ex-Vice-Minister of Finance of Poland or a visiting scholar of Harvard.

What are the other benefits the double degree diploma provides you with (apart from those diplomas itself)? As obvious as it sounds, but the answer is knowledge. Those annual programs’ reviews are made for a reason: they do really prepare the students for a real successful career emphasizing practical skills. If you are applying to Lazarski you need to be ready to study in multicultural society, especially when you made a choice in favor of a double-degree program. The students come here from all over the world: Vietnam, Iran, Kazakhstan, and Azerbaijan. Moreover, Polish candidates also often prefer those types of programs. By the end of your studies you’ll be prepared for career in international corporations: you’ll possess knowledge about the structure and methods of management, you’ll learn how to think analytically and “out of the box”, as well as to see into political, religious, cultural and economic issues of today’s world. This wide knowledge you will obtain combined with practical skills will guarantee you a job offer in Poland or any other country as soon as you’re out of the university.

The educational process looks exactly the same as in other schools of this kind. The students are obliged to attend lectures 5 days a week for 2-10 hours daily. The grading is based on the results of midterms, final exams, essays, projects and quizzes. So, if you are really aiming on getting an education of high quality you need to be prepared to study hard. But no worries here: there’s also plenty of time left for fun! The teaching staff is very appreciative in terms of students’ enthusiasm and they’re always glad to answer all of your questions during lectures, workshops and office hours. Obviously, such a high level of education cannot be ignored by international rankings. One of the latest achievements of Lazarski is its recognition as one of the 8% best universities in the world according to European Commission’s U-Multiranking. Undoubtedly, this is the university where you learn how to be a success (auth.: one of the slogans of Lazarski University is (pol.):”Sukces można studiować” that literally translates as “The success can be studied”)!

In case you are interested in the double-degree diploma program of Lazarski and Coventry Universities, please, contact the “ENTRANT” Agency’s coordinators and we will provide you with all necessary information and council you through the enrollment process.

tel: +48 22 427 5948,
e-mail: info@entrant.eu