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Warsaw University of Technology provides a wonderful opportunity of free education in the Polish language to their potential students if they are from non-EU countries or do not have a possibility to study on the same conditions as polish students. You can apply to the full-time program in both bachelor and master’s degree studies.

The number of places is limited and constitutes only 1% of the total amount of the chosen program; the selection is based on successful fulfillment of particular requirements.

So, what are the conditions of studying at the Warsaw University of Technology for free?

All candidates are obliged to write test. That will be mathematics and either physics or chemistry (it’s up to the candidate to choose) which will last for 120 min and will consist of 6 questions each.

The test will be held on July 1st, 2015 at the building of Warsaw University of Technology. The results of the tests will determine who got the opportunity to study for free.

To help you to pass the exam successfully the University offers a month long preparatory course in June.

Dear applicants, you have a great opportunity to receive a qualitative and free of tuition education in one of the most prestigious state universities in Poland.

If you want to try and get free education in Poland, please, don’t hesitate and contact our Agency; we are glad to help you.