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Is it possible to apply the Polish university by yourself ? – Yes, it’s possible! But is it worth it? What should you know? What are some of the difficulties encountered during the registration process on studying in Poland? Maybe you should ask for help from experienced representations? Let’s take a closer look at all these issues in order to draw conclusions and choose the right version for you.

How to apply to the Polish university by yourself?

Apply to the Polish university by yourself is not an easy process, even if it seems to you. You need to take this matter with great responsibility and keep track of every detail in order not to miss anything and successfully enter to the chosen university. The Enrollee should understand that all the formalities related to study in Poland, such as the preparation of the necessary documents, apostilization, nostrification, applications forms, translations, etc. – fall on his shoulders.

The recruitment process and the requirements for foreign candidates different depending on the Polish higher education institution. In addition, most universities, especially this refers to the state, requires the provision of original documents directly at the university, attention, at a definitely deadlines! So, you need to know in advance the schedule of the recruitment campaign and strictly adhere to it.

The next important nuance is the entrance exams, language tests. Depending on the university chosen, the direction, the language of instruction, you may need to pass an examination or passing a test to enroll.

In addition to the formalities associated with the actual admission to study in Poland, the candidate is waiting for the solution of the issue with the opening of the Polish student visa , reservation dormitory or search for housing, and of course, moving to a new country plus adaptation.

Apply to the Polish university by yourself does not mean a completely free process. The applicant pays for apostillization, translations of documents for entering the Polish language, courier services, and if you still need to go to Poland, the total amount is significant plus the time and nerves.

Which is better: an independent entry into Poland or with the help of an intermediary firm?

First of all, if you value your time and do not want to “play” with the whole process, entry with the ENTRANT agency is what you need. ENTRANT is an official partner of Polish universities and has gained many years of experience in the recruitment of foreign applicants from different countries. We guarantee entry into the chosen university in Poland and the simplest process.

Upon entering with the help of the intermediary company, the applicant is provided with qualified assistance in selecting the university according to his requirements and opportunities. Educational advisers will inform all the intricacies of admission, the whole process of forming a package of necessary documents for entry will be controlled by experienced staff. You will not have to deal with apostilization or nostrification. In addition, the ENTRANT service package includes translation of documents by a Polish language. It’s worth noting that when you apply with us, you only provide scans of documents, and the originals remain with you. In other words, entering to the Polish university with an intermediary firm is an easy process, you do not have to worry about terms and formalities, because everything is controlled by a trusted firm.

It is important that the help of the firm does not end with obtaining a decision on enrolling in Polish higher education institutions, the enrollee is provided with escorts in the process of obtaining a visa, reservation of a place in the dormitory or assistance in finding accommodation for the period of study, organization of the trip and adaptation support in Poland. The student can count on assistance in resolving issues related to studying, obtaining a residence card or other issues regarding residence in the Republic of Poland.

Services & Payments

Thanks to extensive experience and cooperation with many educational institutions in Poland, ENTRANT’s educational consultants have complete information about each university, specialty, program or courses, so they can answer all your questions.

ENTRANT Services covers all costs associated with enrollment in Polish university and in addition you receive support from our coordinators in Poland, attention, within whole studying period. The candidate can also count on active assistance on arrival in Poland: assistance in the settlement, opening a bank account, making a travel document for urban transport, etc.

Payment for services is carried out in two stages: the first one – after the conclusion of the agreement on the provision of services, and the second – after receiving official confirmation of acceptance of the applicant to the Polish University.

So, the choice is, of course, for you! Whether to independently join the Polish higher or apply to specialists – the thing is individual! But the decision to get higher education in Poland is definitely the right choice, which brings you many new experiences, acquaintances, knowledge and perspectives!