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The candidates that plan to enter universities have probably came across the term “zerowka”. So, what is that?

“Zerowka” – is a yearlong course of Polish language which prepares the candidates for the application. After completing the course you will get the certificate which will confirm your proficiency in Polish; it will be necessary to apply for any polish university.

If you don’t speak Polish at all and you have no time to study than “zerowka” is exactly what you need. This course will help you not only to learn the language but also to adopt new lifestyle. Usually, when attending “zerowka” you will study language, culture, customs ad Polish history. There are also extended courses where you’ll be able to study professional terminology for example legal, medical, mathematical and technical.

A yearlong preparatory course starts at the same time as in polish universities, which means it will begin at the beginning of October and will last until June. It will consist in 2 semesters; the classes will be held from Monday to Friday for approximately 4-8 hours daily.”Zerowka” will end up with an exam. The price for foreign students is from 2000 EUR and more. Those candidates who have Polish origin will be offered a 30% discount. The price for the course is, obviously, not low, but it is definitely worth it. We can state that completion of “zerowka” practically gives you a 100% guarantee of being enrolled to polish universities.

So, if you are interested to apply for the so-called “zerowka” we’ll be happy to counsel you and make the whole process as simple as possible. The Entrant Agency offers you the following courses:

1. “Zerowka” at Wroclaw University for the price of 2900 EUR.
Course characteristics: total number of hours – 720, which consist of 500 h. of the general Polish course, 150 h. of specialized courses, 70 h. of Polish studies. The classes will be held through Monday to Friday from 9:00 to 14:00. At the end of the second semester there will be held specialized classes during which students will acquire particular techniques of better note taking during lectures. Aside from the regular classes the participants of the course will be able to attend numerous excursions.

2. “Zerowka” at Maria Curie-Skłodowska University (UMCS) in Lublin for the price of 2100 EUR.
Course characteristics: the students will be divided on groups according to their language proficiency. Each group will be studying according to a suitable studying program based on the level of Polish and future course of studying (historical, economic and polish courses). The classes are held through Monday to Friday and will last for approximately 6 hours daily.

3. “Zerowka” at University of Lodz for the price of 3000 EUR.
Course characteristics: Total number of hours – 800- 900 h. This course includes studying Polish on both general and specialized levels. It is offered to the candidates of all levels and types of studying: humanitarian, medical, technical, economic, etc. This preparatory course is the only one that is able to prepare candidates for application to medical universities.

4.“Zerowka” at University of Warsaw for the price 4000 EUR.
Course characteristics: total number of hours – 900 h. The classes are held through Monday to Friday from 9:00 – 14:00; the groups consist of not more than 15 students.

5. “Zerowka” at Cracow University of Technology for the price 3200 EUR.

Course characteristics: The course lasts two semesters of 15 weeks each. Studying in groups of 10-15 people. This course is for candidates for accession to the areas related to architecture, technical, economic and artestychnymy profiles.

If you would like to sign up for “zerowka” or you have any concerns and questions, please, CONTACT us.