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Are you interested what are the conditions the students live in and study in Poland? How do they spend their free time? Are they happy with the choice to move to Poland? We’ve asked our students who live in Warsaw, Cracow and Lublin all these questions.

Please, tell us, in which way did your life change after moving to Poland?

Yulia K. (Lublin): “I cannot tell that my life has changed completely after the beginning of my studies in Poland. Anyway, I can surely tell that I became a more independent adult that is entirely responsible for my actions and life.”

Sergey P. (Warsaw): “The first thing that comes to my mind is independence. As soon as you arrive to Poland you immediately understand that everything needs to be one only by yourself. Another thing is environment and lifestyle.”

Yulia T. (Cracow): “After the arrival to Poland I met a lot of new friends and we spend a lot of time together. I like going to lectures, studying Polish and the culture of the country. I definitely like Poland.”

What are the housing/ dormitory conditions you live in? Does the price match the quality?

Yulia K. (Lublin): “I haven’t lived in the dormitory before, but I can tell that the price matches the quality. I pay 315 PLN per month for the room and the Internet.”

Vitaliya Ts. (Warsaw): “I rent an apartment which is situated 4 bus stops away from the centre of the city and a couple of bus stops away from my university. The apartment has three rooms, spacious hall, bathroom and a toilet. There are 5 of us living in the apartment and we are comfortable with that as the apartment is quite big. The building is equipped with all-day closed-circuit television and security. When speaking about the price and quality I can say that we pay 3 200 PLN + 640 PLN for utilities (per person) and those two criteria do match.”

Sergey P. (Warsaw): “I rent an apartment together with my friend. It’s situated close to our university and it is very convenient of both time and money. Together we pay around 2 000 PLN per month and we are very satisfied with our apartment.”

Yulia T. (Cracow): “My monthly payment for the apartment is 450 per month. It is situated closely to my university and the conditions are very good. I like everything about it.”

Please, tell us about the facilities provided by your universities like libraries, canteens, etc.

Yulia K. (Lublin): “I study at the Maria Curie-Sklodowska (UMCS, Lublin). The library is situated near the central building of the university and our campus. For 10 PLN you can have a tasty lunch in our canteen.”

Sergey P. (Warsaw): “I study at Vistula University. It is really cool. I enjoy absolutely everything in here. All the facilities are of great quality, the library is very convenient and you can find almost all textbooks you need to use during your studies. The canteen is also great, the prices are moderate. There is also a gym in our university.”

Yulia T. (Cracow): “Andrzej Frycz Modrzewski Cracow University is really wonderful! The library has many books and a big reading room. The food in the canteen tastes great; there is also a new gym in my university.”

What do you spend your money on? How much do you need for groceries, transport and entertainment?

Yulia K. (Lublin):” I spend around 200-300 PLN for groceries. But my total spending for month is 800-900 PLN.”

Vitaliya Ts. (Warsaw): “I spend my money on groceries, entertainment and clothes. The transport doesn’t cost much: there is a possibility to buy a 3-months long travelling card for 130 PLN. There are many places in Warsaw where you can hang out. Those places are oriented on any taste and financial capacity.”

Sergey P. (Warsaw): “I spend my money on groceries and excursions. I don’t spend money on transport as I live very close to my university. The groceries are not very expensive because I prefer to cook my meals at home instead of going out.”

Yulia T. (Cracow): “I spend my money on groceries. 300 PLN per month are enough for me; I prefer to walk to my university as it’s situated to the place where I live.”

This is how Ukrainian students live in Poland. As you can see, our students are happy and doing well in a foreign country. The living conditions are matching the prices.

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