Please note that only students from Ukraine and Belarus can apply to Polish technical schools.

Are you interested in studying in Poland beyond the 9th grade? You definitely have a question: is it better to be enrolled in college beyond the 9th grade or maybe enter the university on finishing the 11th grade? It is difficult to give a definite answer; we must consider your future plans, opportunities, financial situation and other factors. However, that’s not an easy question to answer, but we will try.

Many parents worry about sending their still minor child to study in another country and it’s certainly understandable, because it is difficult to control and look after the child. We can calm you down a bit, while studying at Polish colleges children live in dormitories, both in college and dormitory your child is constantly being supervised and taken care. There are strict rules in the dormitories that children should follow, tutors always know and monitor where each child is now. Parents can control the educational process by just staying at home, because colleges have special online systems, which every parent has access and where are filled all the marks, skipping, attention and notes relative to education.

In addition, based on the child’s education at college, parents can open a visa to come and see the child.

In practice, children coming to Poland beyond grades 9-10 virtually have no problems with adapting to a new country. They quickly flow into studying process for 2-3 months and have no problems with Polish, they quickly become independent and realize their responsibility.

Now one of the main issues – the money. In comparison, studying at Polish colleges is free for all foreigners, regardless of whether the child have the Polish card or not, and in universities you can study for free only if you have the Polish card, but there is no guarantee that you will get the free space.

All other foreigners pay for study at university and it is not that cheap, the average price of education is 2,000 Euros per year. Also, the accommodation in college dormitories is much cheaper than in university dormitories. The approximate cost of the accommodation in college dormitories with 3 meals and care is 100 Euros per month. In the university dormitories only living, without meals costs 90-120 Euros per month.

Entering the university in Poland on finishing the 11th grade, you save your time. And here is why. Obtaining complete higher education in Polish universities lasts for 5 years, that is, on finishing 11 grades, you are 17 years old, you enter the university and at 22 you have a master’s degree of the chosen field of study. Entering the collage in Poland beyond the 9th grade, you are 15-16 years old, studying at the college lasts for 4 years, that is, at 19 you finish college and then enter the university (entry is possible only for the 1st year), plus 5 years of studying and you are 24. But on the other hand, a child graduating from college at age 19 already knows what he wants in life, can go to work or continue his studying at university being 100% sure what kind of profession he is interested in. Plus after graduating from college in Poland, the child will have a perfect knowledge of the Polish language, which will greatly facilitate the entering and studying at university. Please note that entering the university after graduating from the Polish college, studying at university will be paid as for all other foreigners.

We hope that the information above will help you make up your mind to enter the Polish college beyond the 9th grade or beyond the 11th grade to the university. In any case, the decision taken will be right for you and will suit your capabilities and demands.

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