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If you want to study in Poland and you have doubts and questions, this interview will eliminate all of them.

Elena, why did you decide to study in Poland but not in Ukraine?
-The main reason for such a decision was the opportunity of receiving a European education and a European diploma. I believe such a diploma gives more possibilities after graduation.

Why did you use the ENTRANT Agency’s services?
-It was easy to communicate with the consultants of the ENTRANT Agency because their office is situated exactly in the city I used to live. I didn’t have to go somewhere far away in order to find a solution to any problem.

What were you mostly worried about?
-Of course, I was worried about lots of things because I was moving to another country where people speak another language. Fortunately, I didn’t face any serious problems. It was difficult to manage my life at the very beginning, but as the time passed everything became clear.

Are Polish students different from the Ukrainian? What are the differences between students’ life in Ukraine and Poland?
-I think there are some differences. Students in Poland are not that busy with studies as students in Ukraine tend to be. The teachers are very loyal to students. However, I don’t see much of a difference in students’ life between 2 countries. It doesn’t matter whether you live it is Poland, Ukraine or any other country, your university years are the best ones in entire life!

Do you consider coming back to Ukraine after graduation?
-I think it’s a little bit too soon to talk about it; I’m only on my second year of studies. If there is be any possibility to stay in Europe I won’t go back to Ukraine.

What are the main things to keep in mind for the incoming students? What advice can you give?
-You should never forget about the main purpose of you moving to Poland. Your future is in your hands so do everything to succeed.