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Collegium Civitas

About Collegium Civitas

Collegium Civitas in Warsaw is a modern non-state university located in the heart of Warsaw. Thanks to the experience and commitment of the founders, the university got a reputation as the best place to study international, social, and political science in English.

Collegium Civitas is the place with the best teachers, world-renowned scientists and practitioners. Among the teachers: Four members of the European Parliament, the President of the Polish National Council on Television, director of the National Academy of Public Administration and two members of the Institute of National Remembrance.

Collegium Civitas is a modern approach and high quality education. All classrooms at the university equipped with the latest technology, including projectors that allow teachers to show multimedia presentations. In addition, students have Internet access to the lectures’ materials, presentations and online registration for courses. At Collegium Civitas there are lectures with known professionals and public figures. In addition, experts from the Department of careers can help you find good practice in the perspective Polish and international companies.

Collegium Civitas is the first private university in Poland with new and useful inventions in the field of higher education, interdisciplinary approaches, study abroad programs, internships, and stimulation and controlling of individual research projects. Thanks to the efforts of the founders, teachers and students the university becomes a real university of twenty-first century.

Collegium Civitas was the first non-state university that welcomed foreign students in 1997. Since that time educational programs in English attract hundreds of international students from all over the globe.



SpecializationFacultyLanguageApplication feeFee per year
ManagementPolitical ScienceEnglish740 pln2700 euro
Journalism and New MediaSociologyEnglish740 pln2700 euro
International relationsPolitical ScienceEnglish740 pln2700 euro
SociologySociologyEnglish740 pln2700 euro

Bachelor’s (polish-english)

SpecializationFacultyLanguageApplication feeFee per year
ManagementPolitical SciencePolish-english700 pln9000 pln
Journalism and New MediaSociologyPolish-english700 pln9000 pln
International relationsPolitical SciencePolish-english700 pln9000 pln
SociologySociologyPolish-english700 pln9000 pln


SpecializationFacultyLanguageApplication feeFee per year
International relationsPolitical ScienceEnglish740 pln2900 euro
SociologySociologyEnglish740 pln2900 euro

Master’s (polish-english)

SpecializationFacultyLanguageApplication feeFee per year
International relationsPolitical SciencePolish-english700 pln9400 pln
SociologySociologyPolish-english700 pln9400 pln


Key facts

  • Collegium Civitas
  • City: Warsaw
  • Educational level: Bachelor’s, Master’s
  • Private university
  • The number of students- 1700
  • 3 faculties, 40 specialties
  • Discounts: –