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University of Engineering and Health

About the University

The University of Engineering and Health in Warsaw is a private university which offers graduate programmes of study in health and social sciences. With over one thousand students enrolled. The mission of the University is to provide its students with an education of high academic value, placing emphasis on the advancement of scientific research. At the same time, educational objectives address the needs of the world outside the academia-labour demand in the areas of health sciences and healthcare.

Studying at the University of Engineering and Health in Warsaw guarantees high professional training. As well as the opportunity to gain deep knowledge in the field of modern cosmetology, cosmetic chemistry and health sciences. The University participates in the Erasmus + student exchange program. Under the terms of this program, students have the opportunity to: continue their studies, undergo internships, and student practice in the European Union. In addition, the university has a student practice and career office.

Students’ theses are based on research findings that come from their own experimental work, supervised by the University staff. The adopted approach guarantees that students obtain thorough theoretical knowledge and sound practical skills within the areas significant for the functioning of a modern democratic society.

Much attention is paid to practice. At the disposal of students – modern equipped with workshops, offices and laboratories. The didactic base of the University is the largest among other higher educational institutions of this profile. Practical training takes place under comfortable conditions. At the University, from 2014, there is an Academic Training Center, where students can expand their skills in the professional field. Also at the University is the modern Academic Center for Cosmetology, where students practice their skills.

One of the major objectives of the University of Engineering and Health in Warsaw educational policy is not just to respond to the needs of the present-day labour market, but to anticipate its future trends in the broad context of social and civilizational changes.

The University of Engineering and Health in Warsaw has its own well-equipped reading room and a library with a collection of specialist publications in cosmetology, commodity science, healthcare and social sciences. In addition to scientific books and journals, students have a free access to a network of international online scientific fulltext databases.



University offers programs only in Polish language.


University offers programs only in Polish language.


Key facts

  • University of Engineering and Health in Warsaw (WSIiZ)
  • City: Warsaw
  • Educational level: Bachelor’s, Master’s
  • Private university
  • The number of students is –
  • 1 faculty, 3 specialties
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