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Maritime University of Szczecin

About the University

Maritime University of Szczecin – one of the three Polish higher education institutions with a maritime training profile. The University is a technical school with over a 70-year-old tradition, founded in 1947 and has already released more than 15 thousand graduates. The mission of Maritime University is to educate highly qualified maritime staff, navigators and mechanics answering the needs of contemporary transport and fishing fleet as well as offshore staff prepared to implement computer software and systems for supporting transfer of information in the transport-forwarding-logistics industry.

Educational offer Maritime University of Szczecin comprises 11 programmes at 3 faculties:

  • Faculty of Navigation
  • Faculty of Marine Engineering
  • Faculty of Engineering and Economics of Transport

Today the Maritime Academy in Szczecin is the foremost university in the European Union among educational institutions of this type. The university offers education in Polish and English for bachelor and master programs. The Diploma of the Szczecin Maritime Academy is recognized worldwide.

The Maritime University of Szczecin has over 100 well-equipped laboratories, a modern research-training vessel the m/s Nawigator XXI and 16 technically most advanced simulators: Marine Centrifugal Pump’s Simulator, Ship Handling Simulator, Anti-Collision ARPA Simulator, Electronic Chart Display and Information System (ECDIS) Simulator, Vessel Traffic System (VTS) Simulator, Satellite Communication System Simulator – GMDSS, Hydro-Acoustic Simulator, Autopilot Simulator, Radar Simulator, Cargo Handling Simulator, Fishing Simulator, Operational Engine Room Simulator, Graphical Engine Room Simulator, Refrigeration Simulator, Marine Centrifugal Pump’s Simulator, Full-Mission Bridge Simulator with several virtual bridges and Engine Room Simulator.

The campus of the Maritime Academy in Szczecin consists of 3 buildings located close to each other. The university has two student residences. In addition, students can use the canteen, library, swimming pool and more.



SpecializationFacultyLanguageApplication feeFee per year
NavigationNavigationEnglish85 pln12500 pln
Mechanical engineeringMarine EngineeringEnglish85 pln12600 pln


SpecializationFacultyLanguageApplication feeFee per year
NavigationNavigationEnglish85 pln10700 pln
Mechanical engineeringMarine EngineeringEnglish85 pln10700 pln
TransportEngineering and Economics of TransportEnglish85 pln10500 pln


Key facts

  • Akademia Morska w Szczecinie
  • City: Szczecin
  • Educational level: Bachelor’s, Master’s
  • State university
  • Number of students – 4 000
  • 3 faculties, 11 specialities
  • Discounts: –