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Czestochowa University of Technology

About the University

Czestochowa University of Technology is a modern education establishment with the wide range of educational programs and high level of education. Czestochowa University of Technology it is not only the education of engineer-technical sphere, but also an important factor in town and region development. Intellectual potential of the university and its cooperation with industry, local government and cultural organizations help in city development.

Czestochowa University of Technology is one of the oldest and biggest universities in Czestochow region. University proposes education at 6 faculties, which could give doctoral degrees. Five of the faculties could give degree of Doctor of Philosophy.

Faculties at Czestochowa University of Technology:
• Faculty of Building
• Electro-technical Faculty
• Faculty of Engineer Mechanics and Informatics
• Faculty of Engineering of Production and Technology of Materials
• Faculty of Environmental Engineering and Biotechnology
• Faculty of Management

As it was already mentioned, Czestochowa University of Technology has 6 faculties, 36 spheres of education and more than 100 specializations. Educational proposal become wider and during the last years university is paying attention to the specializations in English language. Nowadays, more than 83 000 students had graduated from Czestochowa University of Technology.

Czestochowa University of Technology has good educational base, qualified teachers and students’ infrastructure: modern laboratories and lecture halls, 3 dormitories, library, cafes and student clubs. The fact that the university takes part in 7 programs, in Norwegian mechanism and educational program LLP-ERASMUS allows students to go to study to another countries of Europe and the whole world.



SpecializationFacultyLanguageApplication feeFee per year
Computer Modelling and SimulationEngineering mechanics and computer scienceEnglish85 PLN1920 euro
Quality and Produktion ManagementManagementEnglish85 PLN1920 euro


SpecializationFacultyLanguageApplication feeFee per year
Modelling and Simulation in MechanicsEngineering mechanics and computer scienceEnglish85 pln1920 euro
Computational Intelligence and Data MiningEngineering mechanics and computer scienceEnglish85 pln1920 euro
Intelligent Energy for Environmental ProtectionInfrastructure and EnvironmentEnglish85 pln1920 euro
ManagementManagementEnglish85 pln1920 euro
LogisticsManagementEnglish85 pln1920 euro



Key facts

  • Politechnika Częstochowska
  • City: Czestochowa
  • Educational level: Bachelor’s, Master’s
  • State university
  • The number of students – 11 000
  • 6 faculties, 36 specialties
  • Discounts: – 1,000 euro for studying!