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If you’ve decided to apply to one of the Polish technical schools after finishing the 9th grade, you should carefully go through the main requirements:

– Proficiency in Polish at the level B1-B2;
– Passport of a child;
– Passport of one of the parents.

As you can see the requirements are minimal, but they should be treated seriously, especially the one about the language proficiency. There are no enrollment exams and the school grades have no influence when applying to the technical school in Poland. Enrollment is entirely based on the results of the interview in Polish. The interviews are organized in the chosen school and the role of an interviewer is taken either by the headmaster or one of the teachers. Hence, if you want to apply to any technical school you should start learning the language in an intensive mode.

What is the best and the most effective way to study Polish?

In order to have an appropriate level of Polish proficiency you will have to think about it ahead. Here are several ways to study the language:

– You can sign up to the courses at any foreign language school. These types of classes are usually held twice a week in groups of 10 people. This option is suitable for candidates who want to apply next year and have enough time to study the language;

– Another option is for those candidates who have not much time left and by that we mean individual classes with a tutor. This is the quickest and the most effective way because a tutor will form a program individually for you. You will determine the frequency and the number of classes by yourself. The classes via Skype became also very popular lately.

– Apart from the courses and classes with a tutor you will also need to develop your knowledge on your own. It would be great if you read Polish books, listened to the music in Polish and constantly revised the materials from the classes you are taking. You can also find many additional sources on the Internet like online tests and courses.

So, you can clearly see that there are a lot of opportunities to study Polish and prepare for the application to the technical schools in Poland.

What do you need to know about the child’s and parent’s passport when applying to the technical schools in Poland?

Two other very important requirements are the availability of passports of both a child and a parent. You need to take into consideration that preparation of those documents will take more than a day. Application’s consideration for a passport usually takes up to 30 working days, but if you mention your application as urgent – than it’ll take up 10 days. That is why you shouldn’t wait for the last moment with making the passports.

If you have any doubts we will be happy to answer all your questions and will make the application process as simple and enjoyable as possible.