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Years of being a student is a great opportunity to know oneself and the world. Besides the knowledge, students can get priceless experience while taking a chance to have an internship in EU, the USA, or other countries. Definitely, education in Poland gives such opportunities for students. Foreigners, who are studying at Polish universities, could take part in any programs of internships and probations available in Poland. The only requirement for foreigners is to have a Residence Card (according to the Law, in Poland every foreigner who is on full time studies could obtain the Residence Card). Polish students have a wide range of short-term or even annual internships, voluntary work, and probations in different spheres and in various countries around the world. We have prepared for you TOP 6 the most interesting internships for students from Poland.

  • Work & Travel USA. This is one of the most popular and well-known program of internships abroad. A candidate could find the job himself/herself or choose from the list of the job proposals at Work & Travel offices. Usually, these are the proposals of season work in the sphere of tourism: hotel workers, job at restaurants and entertainment complexes. Internship lasts 3-4 months; starts in May and finishes at the end of September, also after the work finishes, participants have 30 days to travel around the USA. Participants must return to Poland in fixed time, in order to continue education at the university. It is important to know that you need to have some costs to open the visa J1 (200 dollars), costs for organization, transport, accommodation and food. Program organizers support participants during the whole period of travel and obligatory insurance. Every year, around 10 000 students from Poland take part in this program. It is a good variant of job connected with travelling around the one of the biggest country in the world.
  • Work Experience. The program gives you an opportunity to have an internship according to your education at the international company in EU countries. Work Experience proposes internships in different spheres such as Law, Mass Media, Finance, HR and various periods of time (depend on country and available working places). This program is just for getting the experience.
  • Study & Work Australia. A travel to Australia connected with the necessity to get visa. Study & Work Australia program lasts for minimum 3 months, maximum 2 years. During your trip, you combine education with work: you can officially work for 20 hours a week while studying, and work full time during the holidays. Usually, jobs are connected with tourism, but the job from your specialization is also possible.
  • Internship. Program for people under 35 years old who are studying or have already finished the education. Program proposes work in the USA for 12 months. The important factor in this program is the connection between working proposal and sphere of education. The program is paid.
  • H2B. H2B this is a kind of American visa, which allows working in the USA for maximum 10 months. People from 18 to 40 years old can apply to this program. The program proposes temporary and season work.
  • Work & Travel Chiny. In order to take part in this program, participant must know English on a high level. The travel consists of two parts: adaptation and teaching English at schools. During the adaptation week, the participants attend classes of Chinese and learn local traditions and customs. After the adaptation, the participants work for 2 months as a tutor of the English language at school. Participants get salary, accommodation, food, services of translator and organizer. There is also a long-lasting version of such program, which is called Teach & Travel Chiny – from 6 to 12 months.

Besides the variants which are listed above, there are a lot of other programs. Every year thousands of Polish and international students who are studying at Polish universities go for internships and probations to other countries. You can also use such chance and make your student’s years unforgettable.