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Private Catholic Highschool Kolegium st. Stanislaw Kostki in Warsaw

In Private Catholic Highschool Kolegium st. Stanislaw Kostki in Warsaw there is community consisting of over 150 teachers and pupils who have Polish roots and who come from some of old USSR republics. Their ancestors dwelled outside the boundaries of Poland not by their own choices but because of deportation or changes of Polish borders.

In liceum there is especially strong pressure on the education level so  pupils  can pass MATURA exams without problems and enroll in universities in Poland of their choice. Another very important part of the curriculum is reconstruction of their bond with their ancestors’ motherland. This is why, besides intensive learning of Polish language, the youth get deep insight into history and culture of Poland.

Private Catholic Highschool Kolegium st. Stanislaw Kostki in Warsaw  is a multicultural community. The youth, who come from the East live in the school’s dormitory where they are provided with round-the-clock care, psychologist’s support  and help in studying. Their board is partly financed by Ministry of Foreign Affairs within programme “Cooperation with Polish diaspora and Polish people outside the boundaries” (“Współpraca z Polonią i Polakami za Granicą”). Lyceum operates on the rights of state school, so thus it gets a government donation for education of students with Polish roots. We need to fill the lack of resources which are connected with maintenance (board and accommodation) of students as well as resources on extracurricular lessons enabling them to realize their desires and develop talents. And we fill it thanks to sponsors and donators who transfer financial resources to the bank account of charity “For the Polish diaspora” (Fundacja dla Polonii).


Учні ліцею можуть вибрати один з наступних профілів навчання:

  • біологічно-хімічний
  • математико-фізичний
  • математико-інформатичний
  • математико-географічний
  • географія – знання про суспільство
  • історія – знання про суспільство


Key facts

  • Warsaw
  • Private school
  • Free tuition in the form of material scholarships
  • The monthly payment of 950 PLN, with Pole’s Card – 700 PLN
  • Registration fee – 1000 PLN