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As a rule, during the two weeks after education starts, first-year students get their student cards at the universities. Polish «legitymacja», this is the name of student card, it is not only the document which confirms that you are a student, but also an object of discounts and good proposals.

Discounts for public transport
First of all, students under 26 years old with a student card have a discount on the tickets to all public transport and tickets to travel between cities. While buying a ticket or activating a travel card, students are paying 50% lower from the normal price.

Sport clubs are cheaper
Those students, who want to have more physical trainings than the university proposes, may be interested in buying a subscription to gym. One of the best proposals is a sport card BeActive. Such subscriptions give an opportunity to visit different sport or fitness clubs, and swimming pools. The price may vary; there are subscriptions from 59PLN or 99PLN per month. The cost of the card depends on the services which the club gives. Club members can use different training equipment, visit group activities (fitness, pilates, yoga, zumba, etc.), go to sauna and swimming pool. Of course, BeActive is not the only variant of sports clubs, so, it means that everyone can choose the place which he/she likes the most and use there the student’s discount.

Museums attract students
Education accompanies the contact to culture. Students get discounts at the cinemas, theatres, and museums, and also have a possibility to buy tickets to different events with reduces price. Also, students should pat their attention to the project from the Ministry of Culture and Education, “Muzea Narodowe za złotówkę” (National Museums for 1PLN). The proposal is addressed to the pupils and students under 26 years old; students are able to visit all eight National museums in Poland just for 1 PLN. Also other museums as Muzeum Łazienki Królewskie, Muzeum Pałacu Króla Jana III, Zamek Królewski joined this project. So, it is good to use “Muzea Narodowe za złotówkę” program and visit some museums for self-development.

Discounts from the universities
Mostly every university has agreements with different establishments about the reducing prices for students. For example, students of Warsaw University have 20% discount for subscription to Egurrola Dance Studio, or pay 30% lesser if oder something at Wypoczynkownia café. If you show the student card from the University of Social Sciences and Humanities, you can buy subscription with a discount to fitness club Action Club, or you can get 10% of discount to the restaurant Noodle w Pudle. Usually, universities give an information about such discounts on their web sites, so it is good to know and use them.

Student cards ISIC and EURO 26
In order to get discounts not only in Poland, but also in other countries, students can make an international student card. ISIC and EURO 26 are such cards. Thousands of international companies give an opportunity for students with ISIC or EURO 26 to travel around the world, buy products, and eat in different cafes and restaurants with a discount. So, while planning next trip to other country, think about making an international student card, which will help you to save your money.

Try to remember the information about student cards and use the discounts created special for students.