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How much does studying in Poland cost? How much do you need for living, in addition to the cost of education in Poland? What do students spend most of their student budget on? In which cities do you pay the most for renting a room or apartment? In short: how much does studying in Poland currently cost?

Student budget in Poland

In addition to paying for the training education, the cost of which depends on the chosen university and specialty, the student budget includes other costs associated with living. The average monthly student budget in Poland is about 300 euros. This amount includes the cheapest accommodation option, i.e. a students dormitory. Students at Polish universities pay an average of about 400 pln (100 euros) per month in a student dormitory. As you know, not all students get places in a dormitory and not all universities in Poland provide the opportunity to live in a dormitory, so this cost can increase significantly, since a student is forced to rent a room or apartment. According to estimates, a student spends an average of about 300 pln (about 75 euros) on food per month. Of course, there are those who spend a lot more, and champions of promotions, whose budget will close below the average amount. A monthly public transport ticket for a student costs about 50 pln (12 euros), although prices vary by city. Most of the budget is spent in free time. For example, going to a cafe with friends, going to the cinema, parties, and having lunch at your university’s favorite student diary bars and cafeterias. The average student spends about 500 pln(125 euros) per month on these goods, although this amount is, of course, ambiguous.

Student accommodation in Poland – how much does it cost?

Considering that every foreign student who comes to study in Poland does not have the opportunity to live at home with their parents, the most significant cost to the student budget is to rent an apartment, room or dormitory. And so, let’s start with the dormitory- the price is from 320 to 800 pln per month for a place. The price varies depending on the choice of a single or double room and the standard of the dormitory. However, as already mentioned, it is not always possible to live in a dormitory, and not everyone wants to. An alternative is renting an apartment or room, but it also costs more. A place in a double room in large cities, such as Warsaw, Wroclaw, Krakow, can cost from 500 to 1000 pln. If you decide to rent a studio, you will pay even more. Rental prices are very diverse.

How much does it cost to study in Poland and other European countries?

Studying and living in Poland is considered one of the cheapest in Europe. This is really true. According to the report of the Association of Polish Banks on student finance against other European countries, an average student in Poland spends about 1,600 zlotys / month (about 370 euros) on his life. Do you think that is a lot? Given the costs incurred by students in other countries, not at all! The amount of expenses for the maintenance of a Polish student ranks third from the end among European countries. We repeat, third place from the end !!! Cheaper only in Serbia and Romania. In some European countries, students spend almost three times as much. The record holders here are Sweden, where a student spends about 1300 euros per month, the Netherlands and Finland, where students need more than 1000 euros per month.