Staying in other country for short or long period is always a tiny risk, so it is important to know where a foreigner can ask for help in case of unexpected situations. DespitethefactthatPolandisasafecountry, nobody is insured from the troubles. For example, lost documents or problems with the legalization of stay, etc. could be such troubles. Of course, nobody thinks about places and organizations which help foreigners as soon as they arrive to Poland. Usually, people get to know this information after they faced with the specific situation or in case of emergency. Forewarned is forearmed, so after your arrival to Poland, you should learn not only information about the Polish universities, but also about this useful contacts.

During the last period of time, education in Poland becomes more and more popular among international students. That is why Polish universities create special international offices in order students from other countries could get some help. Consultants of such office usually give students all necessary information not only about education, but also about life in Poland in general. Such type of department at the university will be your first helper in different questions. Consultants from international offices speak English, Ukrainian, Russian and other languages, so you can be sure that your situation would be understood correctly.

One more place, where international student can ask for help is a local government in the questions of foreigners. This institution will help with the legalization of your stay in Poland. There students apply for short-termed or long-termed residence permits. At the informational offices and info lines you can get important information about the requirements for legalization and you will get answers for all your questions about stay in Poland.

Also, you should not forget that as any country, Poland has embassies of different countries. A citizen of any country, who is staying on the territory of the Republic of Poland, can apply to the embassy of his/her country.
Contacts to embassies in Poland:

Embassy of Ukraine
al. J.Ch. Szucha 7, Warszawa
+48 (22) 629-34-46, + 48 (22) 622-47-97

Embassy of Russia
ul. Belwederska 49, Warszawa.
+48(22) 621 3453

Embassy of Belarus
ul.Wiertnicza 58, Warszawa
+48 (22) 742 09 90

Embassy of Kazakhstan
ul.Królowej Marysieńki, 14, Warszawa
+48 (22) 642-27-63, +48 (22) 642 53 88

Embassy of Azerbaijan
ul. Zwycięzców 12, Warszawa
+48 (22) 616 21 88, +48 (22) 617 67 28

Important information which it is important to know, if you live abroad it is telephones of rescue services. Such telephones may differ from telephones of rescue services in your country.

The list of important telephones in Poland:
• 999 – Ambulance
• 998 – Fire Protection Service
• 997 – Police
• 992 – Gas Service
• 988 – Trust line
• 986 – Municipal Police

Also, there is a Europe-wide telephone of rescue service – 112. You can call to this number from any landlines and mobiles, even if a mobile telephone does not have a sim-card or mobile’s keyboard is blocked.

Let us remind that ENTRANT Company also support students during their education in Poland. You can contact our consultants in any questions you have.

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