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For entrants who enter the university abroad, it is very interesting to read reviews and feedback of students who have already studying there. Some people think that education is the same as well as in their own country, but still there are many differences. You will be interested to read the story about studying in Poland, student of the 3rd year in Lazarski University.

“The idea to enter the university abroad came to me at the end of 10th form, but there were new questions, such as which country, which university and what language of studies to choose. I choose Poland not immediately. Firstly, there were different versions to study, namely, in the Czech Republic, Germany, but not in Belarus. After weighing all pros and cons, we decided to come to Poland. As for the choice of the universities it was easier, because my brother studied at the Lazarski University in Warsaw.

First of all, I drew attention to the reviews, and on cooperation with the Coventry University, which allows to get a second degree. Since at that time I did not know the Polish language, I decided to study in English, but I had to pass an international language exam IELTS. Later I found out that I became a student of the Polish University.

The next issue was the question of housing, I decided to live in a student cottage near the University.

The process of admission to the Polish university was simple. First of all I was surprised that the start date of studies was on 1st October. Upon arrival, I was interested in campus of university, because it is totally different from Belarusian Universities. Dormitory was also not similar to those which I have visited or seen on the Internet. It was a typical house in a two minute walk from the university, which was half-filled with students from different countries and faculties.

In Lazarski University, my department is Business Economic. Most importantly, you should choose something that will be interesting to you to study for 3 years, and perhaps you will be working in this area in the future.

The first year, namely 1st and 2nd semesters, passed quickly, but it was very intense, as in life there were the first intermediate examinations and the first session. All lectures are held exclusively in English, teachers are well deliver information, as well as all textbooks are available in the library and on the Internet resource. However, there is different educational process in Polish Universities. Here, you should not only attend lectures, but also work at home in your spare time, to secure the material.

Moreover, student’s life is the most fun time. Lazarski University holds banquets, competitions, concerts, so you will not be bored after the lectures. Also, universities often have parties for first year students, on March 8 in one of the best clubs in Warsaw.

After talking with friends, I concluded that studies at the Polish University are more interesting, but they are more difficult.

The second year was easier, because I understand the educational process, know teachers, and evaluation system. First of all you must understand that this is not the university, where you can do nothing and pass everything, here your knowledge is appreciate. All depends only on you.

This year I finished 2nd year, next year is the last year as a student, and then I get a Bachelor’s Degree. Everyone has an option to stay and to continue their studies at the University and obtain a Master’s degree after 2 years.

Also, there are many students, who left on the Erasmus (program of student exchanges) in such countries as France, Spain, Croatia, Finland and others.

In conclusion, I am happy to be student of the University in Poland and I do not regret that I made such choice.”

Katsiaryna student from Belarus (Lazarski University)

As you can see, studying in Poland is a good choice.Do you want to get higher education in Poland? We will help you to choose the University and field of study, take care of your arrival and help you to adapt upon arrival.

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