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Is there any possibility to combine studies with a job? Where and how can a foreign student find a job in Poland? How much do the students earn on average? What opportunities does the employment give to students? We are going to try to answer all these questions in the article.

As it usually turns out many students who study in Poland sooner or later try to find a job to earn some money for their personal needs or to help their parents and pay tuition fees or housing on their own. One fact is obvious: in order to combine your job with your studies you need to be a very organized and an opposite of a lazy person.

Studying in Poland has its own peculiarities. The lectures are usually held during 4 days a week, hence there are 3 days free of studying left. This is a good opportunity to find a part-time job for at least 2 days. Another option is to work a couple of hours during the week days after your classes. Another beneficial opportunity is to find a job during the summer holidays. Those students who do not have the residence card, but have a valid student visa have a right to be employeed for 3 months during the holidays.

Where and how much do the students earn on average?

The first job which drew our attention on itself was survey collection. The wage varies depending on the number of questions included in the survey and the difficulty of finding appropriate respondents. This job is a relatively enjoyable one and can help you to earn from 5 to 40 PLN per survey.

Another very popular part-time job is working at cafes, restaurants, pubs. Students may be employed as assistants in the kitchen, waiters, and barmen. The earnings are usually from 6 to 13 PLN per hour.

The job which is popular mostly among young women is a position of a hostess. The responsibilities usually include meeting the clients in cafes, restaurants or companies. The earnings per hour are relatively low and are in the range between 5 and 8 PLN per hour. Similar wages are established if a one decides to work as a distributor of leaflets; the earnings will vary from 6 to 10 PLN per hour.

If you are a very communicative person and possess a good Polish proficiency, then you can consider a job at the call centre. You’ll probably earn around 10 -15 PLN per hour. Nevertheless, the principle of “the more time you spend on the phone the more you earn” is applied to this job. The most profitable time to work is in the evening. Another hint is that you can receive a bonus payment for improving sales or productivity of the company.

Another good opportunity for students from Ukraine, Belarus and other countries is to work as tutors. You can easily find people who want to study Ukrainian, Russian or English. On this job you can earn approximately 30-40 PLN per hour.

Apart from that there are several possibilities to earn at paid internships in various Polish organizations. After finishing such internships students are often offered further employment in the company. Another option is to attend an internship in another European country or in the USA and earn there even a couple thousand dollars.

What do you need and where to look for a job?

First of all you need to write a CV (curriculum vitae) and bring it or e-mail to the company, café or organization you would like to work for. Here are the web-sites which can be helpful:

pl.jooble.org – is a webpage, which was created in order to help you to find worthy job. On Jooble you will find different job offers available on the market. Taping you questions to the search, you will get links to the jobs which suit the best to your expectations; therefore, you will get offers from more than 240 web pages in Poland. In order to save your time and efforts, we did our best to make Jooble clear and easy: after you write one question, you find the job which fully suits your demand.













Foreign students can easily find a part-time job while studying in Poland, because the most important things are your own desire and determination. Aside from financial benefits, a part-time job will help you to adapt new lifestyle in the country quicker, as well as improve your language and meet new people. Additionally, you will learn to value the money you earn and will acquire experience of working in group.