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More and more Polish universities are opening for foreigner students. In this regard, the range of programs taught in English, language courses and scholarships for foreign students is expanding. Before you start looking university Poland, you first need to answer a few important questions that will simplify your search and possible options.

What are the conditions for a foreigner to enter Polish universities?

Polish citizens have access to education completely free of charge, that is, funded by the state. But only when entering to the state educational institutions, for full-time education, in their native language – Polish. A foreigner has the same opportunities if:

  • the applicant has a Pole’s Card,
  • received a permanent residence permit in the Republic of Poland</ li>
  • granted refugee status or temporary protection in Poland.

In all other cases – you must pay tuition!

English Proficiency Requirement for Admission?

It’s simple, if you want to study in Poland in the English-language program – show the certificate of knowledge at the required level for studying. It is worth taking into account that the certificate must be of international standard. Some universities provide an opportunity to confirm English proficiency at a university by passing an exam or an interview.

Which universities in Poland accept foreigners?

Each university in Poland accepts foreign applicants if they fulfill all the requirements. And the choice is huge – more than half a thousand universities! How to choose correctly in order not to be mistaken and that the university respond to all your expectations? Contact us! The educational center “ENTRANT” offers studying only in the best, rated universities in Poland. We will help you choose a university for you!