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Till this time, medical education in Poland was possible only in public universities in Poland. Starting from this year, private universities also want to recruit students for medical spheres.

Polish universities which still did not teach medics more often ask the permit from the Polish Ministry of Science and Higher Education to provide medical studies.

The first private university which got such permit was Andrzej Frycz Modrzewski University in Cracow and in this year it has opened the intake for Medical sphere. There will be both Polish and English educational programs. The education lasts 5 years and costs 40 000 zlotys per year.

Also, in March 2016 Lazarski University in Warsaw got a permit from the Ministry of Science and Higher Education to teach on medical specializations. The intake for Medicine will start from the 2017 and the strategic partner of the university will be Central Clinical Hospital of the Ministry of Internal Affairs in Warsaw. Now the price for education is unknown, but probably it would be from 28 000 to 40 000 zlotys per year.

Beside Lazarski University and Andrzej Frycz Modrzewski University, University of Rzeszów, University of Maria Skladowska-Kuiri in Warsaw and Technical University in Katowice decided to get such permission too.

There are many students who would like to study Medicine in Poland, no matter, foreigners or Polish citizens. That is why there is a big competition to get free education, from 10 to 30 people for one place. Those who did not get a chance to study for free, pay for education around 12 000 EUR per year. Now, more than 5,2 thousand foreigners study at Medical universities in Poland and this number enlarges every year. This fact had an influence on private universities to change their list of the specializations by adding medical sphere.

It is difficult to say whether medical education in private universities will differ from education in public ones, but the university which got a permit from the Ministry of Science and Higher Education definitely has all necessary conditions to prepare high-qualified doctors.

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