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The ERASMUS program was created in 1987 as a student exchange program. Even though the scale and aims were expanding throughout the years, the main idea of the program remains the development of international partnership between universities.

ERASMUS is the program created for universities, students and employees. The program promotes the international partnership in the sphere of higher education and allows the students to travel abroad to have an internship or for 1-2 semesters of studying. It increases the mobility of teachers, students, creates many opportunities for participation with foreign partners.

Poland participates in ERASMUS since 1998/99. In 1995-2006 ERASMUS used to be a part of the Socrates program but starting from the academic year of 2007/2008 it became a part of “Uczenie się przez całe życie” program (Lifelong Learning Program). It is a special program created by the European Union in the educational and professional training fields in 2007-2013. From January 1st, 2014 the program was substituted with another one called “ERASMUS+”.

The participants of the ERASMUS program are:

– 28 EU countries;

– 3 EEA: Iceland, Lichtenstein, Norway;

– Switzerland;

– Candidate state – Turkey.

4 000 universities participate in the ERASMUS program, as for today. More than 2 500 000 students received ERASMUS scholarships along with 300 000 teachers and 30 000 other university employees. 324 Polish universities are a part of the ERASMUS program and 139 577 Polish students received the ERASMUS scholarship for traveling abroad.

As you can see, studying in Poland opens a lot of opportunities ahead which will help you to build successful future.