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A number of Polish universities have recently established a new program candidates are curious about. Business law is a perfect choice for those who are expecting to use the knowledge of legal system to realize their plans and ideas for career growth and professional development. This program will help you to find yourself in the world of business as it combines the knowledge about the legal aspects of business with management.

The program allows the students to choose new ways of development their competency in such fields as contract and corporate law, financial markets, labor law and accounting, ecological law and real estate legislation. It provides with basic knowledge in economics and management. The students study the principles of cooperation between business sector and government bodies, as well as they acquire knowledge about legal restrictions on the conduct of business. The students will have an opportunity to practice in creation of documents which are needed in business.

Here are the reasons why you should choose Business law program

– It gives knowledge in the fields of law and business;
– The program opens new opportunities: after finishing the program alumni can extend their knowledge in the fields of management, marketing, administration;
– The program was carefully developed depending on the needs of businessmen;
– The program emphasizes practical knowledge in a particular economic sector you chose for your future career.

Business law graduates will be totally prepared to conduct their own business from the current maintenance and organizing its activities, contracts’ signing and execution as well as effective lawyer’s support, responsible for the maintenance of a big company or even a corporation.

Right after accomplishing the program you will be able to be employed as an assistant, an employee in a financial, accounting or HR field independently of the legal form of the legal entity. The graduates will have an opportunity to realize their career ambitions by supporting non-governmental organizations, state governance, municipal offices and municipalities in the departments of public bidding and business registration.