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Thinking about studying in Poland but currently you are a student of the 1st, 2nd or 3rd course of the university in Ukraine, Belarus or any other country? We offer you a transfer to one of the Polish universities. Actually, this is possible and not so difficult as you may have expected.

A transfer to the university in Poland is a great chance to get a European diploma without wasting time and the results that have been already achieved. A process of transferring somehow differs from an ordinary process of enrollment and has a number of nuances that you need to consider if you decide to be transferred. First of all, you can be transferred to the Polish university only if the study program you have applied for in you country is the same or very similar to that one in the university of Poland. Your grades and subjects you have studied have a direct impact on the possibility of transferring to the university in Poland. If the subjects in study programs are not similar you can be asked to pass the academic difference, however, you can pass these subjects during your studies.

5 steps to be transferred to the Polish university:

  1. Choose one university in Poland where you would like to continue your studies;
  2. Fill in an enrollment application;
  3. Sign the contract and pay an admission fee;
  4. Provide scanned copies of the required documents for a transfer. In particular:
    -Scanned copies of passports;
    -Statement with subjects and grades;
    -Certificate of completing secondary education and addition to it;
    -6 photos (35mm x 45 mm);
    -Current medical certificate for admissions, 086-o form.
  5. Receive an official decision about transfer form the university.


Note that there is also a possibility of transferring from one Polish university to another.

For this reason, if you are interested in studying in Poland, please do not hesitate to contact us. ENTRANT will help you to resolve all the questions and will make the process of enrollment much easier.

tel: +48 22 427 5948,
e-mail: info@entrant.eu