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As practice shows the number of young people who move to Poland in order to continue their higher education increases each year. There are a lot of students who have Polish origin among those students. A lot of those students know about the advantages such a fact gives them and they try not to miss an opportunity to use it.

Some historical events as wars and relocations impacted in a way that a lot of people who now live in Ukraine, Belarus, Russia, Lithuania and other countries have Polish origin. A lot of our grandparents and great-grandparents were Polish and lived in Poland. Many people do have relatives that live in Poland now. If you have Polish origin you can receive Polish Card (Karta Polaka) or Permanent Residence Card (Karta Stalego Pobytu). Those documents can provide you with a number of advantages.

The candidates who have Polish Card can study for free if they apply to the state universities. The enrollment conditions are the same as for Polish citizens. Another important issue to keep in mind is the fact that the number of free places is limited and you will have to write exams. Aside from the possibility of having free higher education the student can claim to receive a scholarship and financial aid.

If you already have Polish Card but you didn’t succeed in enrolling to the free-of-tuition program, you can usually look forward to 30% discount, a scholarship or financial aid. These kinds of facilities can be acquired by people who do not have Polish Card, but can officially prove their Polish origin.
The candidates with Polish origin can apply for financial aid in the form of:

– Social scholarships and grants;
– Scholarships for persons with disabilities;
– Rector’s scholarship for the best students;
– Minister’s scholarship for academic excellence;
– Minister’s scholarship for outstanding achievements;
– Minister’s scholarship for sports achievements.

Apart from that, people with Polish origin can also apply for the Permanent Residence Card (Karta Stalego Pobytu). The owners of that card have an official right to live in Poland and acquire Polish citizenship. Those people won’t have to apply for visa any more, they can work, study for free meaning they can live on the same conditions as Polish citizens. The Permanent Residence Card is issued for the lifelong period and is a good opportunity to say and build your future in the European country.