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MBA (Master of Business Administration) is a professional degree in the field of administration which can be received after the master’s degree studies. More than 1250 universities around the world offer this degree, including Poland. This program appeared in Poland in the beginning of 90th of the XX century.

MBA is one of the most powerful and perspective types of studies in the field of administration. It is also a big investment to make. You can attend 57 programs in 13 different Polish cities. Most of the programs are available in Warsaw, Wroclaw, Poznan, Cracow and Lodz. The program usually lasts for 1 or 2 years and costs around 32 000 PLN and approximately 60 000 -80 000 PLN in more prestigious programs. For comparison, the price of the MBS program in other European studies may reach 120 000 to 500 000 PLN. Besides, the studying process is not easy. If you’ve decided to acquire this degree you need to be acquainted with high pressure during studies, projects and scientific works. Basically, you can forget about free time on weekends. But what is so special about MBA that makes students apply for this program despite all strict requirements and costs?

The first reason is the personal development, broadening and deepening your knowledge. Many MBA graduates can rely on the fast career growth and broadening the amount of the responsibilities. That is mainly connected to the increase in the wage. It may serve as a good chance to pursue your career abroad.

Another important factor is that MBA ideas are focused on the practical side of education. What does it mean? It means that the MBA participants will be given a number of instruments and knowledge that will help them holistically understand the principles of enterprises in practical terms. This holistic approach to management is a distinctive feature of the program.

The price of the MBA studies is higher than for bachelor or master’s degrees, but it usually turns out that this investment is very beneficial. According to the data, the gross wage of people who have the MBA degree is in the range of 9 500 to 23 000 PLN per month. The highest wages are densed in the Mazovian district where the average wage of an MBA graduate is 18 000 PLN.