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The issue of accommodation is, with no doubt, one of the most urgent issues if you are planning to study in Poland or you are already a student. Most enrollees and students prefer to live in dormitories because it is relatively cheaper and more fun. Unfortunately, not all the universities in Poland can provide their students with places in dormitories. In addition to this, not all the students would like to live in a dorm. In this case, renting an apartment is the best option.

Process of renting an apartment in Poland

The process of renting an apartment in Poland is the same as in any other country. However, it would be useful to be familiar with all the nuances. First of all, it is almost unreal to rent an apartment if you are out of the Polish border because the owner of an apartment will not wait until you come to Poland and move in. For this reason, it will be better to book a room in a hotel for the first few days. You can do it via booking.com or hrs.com. Also, you should take into consideration that the biggest demand for apartments is in September and October, as many students will be looking for accommodation in this period.

So, you have to find an apartment for a long-term period. You have two ways: searching for an apartment with the help of real estate agency or searching by yourself.

If you decide to contact the real estate agency you have to consider the cost of this service. In Poland, such agencies usually charge one-time payment that can be 50 % or 100 % of the monthly rent payment. All the real estate agencies in Poland must have a license, so do not worry about fraudsters. The advantage of such an option is that you may select the housing with your specific requirements and the agent will help you to resolve all the legal issues, especially if you are a foreigner.

But if you have decided to save money and to find an apartment by yourself, you should start with browsing the Internet. The websites where you can look for apartments are well designed. There you can choose a desired localization and a price you are ready to pay. The most popular apartment searching websites in Poland are:

Now let us take into consideration all the nuances related to the payment. When you move in, you will have to pay a deposit (kaucja), which is equal to an amount of a monthly rent payment. You will get this money back when you move out in case nothing is damaged. Rent payment for an apartment can be divided into three parts:
– Rent price (Koszt wynajmu) – is the amount that you pay to an owner. Be careful, as only this amount is usually indicated in the ads.
– Administrative charge (czynsz) – is the amount that you pay for house exploitation. Usually, it is 250 – 500 zl. Make sure whether this amount is included in the rent price.
– Utility payment (media) – gas, water, etc.

Rent prices depend on the district where an apartment is located, remoteness from the major transport links and the city center, and the condition of an apartment.

Thus, be very careful while signing the contract and examine in detail what is included in the price of renting an apartment.

If you have problems with finding an accommodation, please contact us, Entrant agency will help you. We assist our enrollees in reservation of dormitories as well as in finding an apartment.

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