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A degree in Economics can be obtained in both state and private universities at full- and part-time programs. According to the available data 73 out of 453 universities in Poland have a program in Economics. The universities offer a great variety of programs in this field of studies. The most popular are economics, international business, e-business, finance and accounting, finance and banking, informatics and econometrics, business economics, international economic relations, commodity research, management and others.

To receive a degree in Economics you need to possess knowledge in different scientific fields. First of all, you need to have certain skills and be interested in Mathematics, Statistics, Law and Sociology.

The universities and programs that offer a degree in Economics are available in almost every city. Programs in Economics cannot be considered as the easy ones, but they have a lot of perspectives in future employment.

Apart from a great choice of programs in Economics Polish universities offer the degrees in both bachelor and master levels. There is a possibility to study in English and the choice of programs won’t differ much from the Polish ones.

The graduates can work in enterprises, organizations and in different types of companies. Main job opportunities are on the operational positions: in banks, insurance companies, investment funds, financial enterprises, local authorities and others.

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