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Let’s first understand what it is, the Pole’s Card. So, this miracle card is a confirmation of your belonging to the Polish nation, which gives many advantages for building your future in the European country – Poland. One of which is high-quality higher education, and the most interesting is the possibility of studying for free. Many applicants with Pole’s Card are not fully informed and aware of the opportunities and how to get them.

Free education in Poland with Pole’s Card at state universities

Yes, you can get free education in Poland with Pole’s Card only in а state universities! Another important nuance – only in full-time study and only on Polish-language programme. All other options such as part-time study, English-language programs – paid!
Many are mistaken in believing that Pole’s Card equals free higher education in Poland. Dear applicants, this is not so! This document gives you the right to claim for free education, but in addition, you need to deserve and prove that you are worthy of – high grades in the certificate of full secondary education. If you do not pass for free education, as the owner of the Pole’s Card you can get a discount of 30% on fees. The decision on this discount is issued by the university authorities.
What documents do you need to enter for free education with a Pole’s Card?

  1. High school diploma. Also almost all Polish state universities require apostilization of these documents;
  2. A copy of the passport;
  3. A copy of the Pole’s Card (in some cases, notarized)
  4. Photos ( with electronic version )
  5. A medical certificate

Please note that the above list of required documents is the main list, but at each university it may be different or may require additional documents. Importantly, all documents must be translated into Polish!

In addition to providing the necessary documents for admission, depending on the university, you can be invited to a test, interview or skype interview, in order to confirm the knowledge of the Polish language or your motivation for learning or a chosen specialty. Summing up, each university – something different requirements for applicants with Pole’s Card. Therefore it is worthwhile to study in detail all the information in the chosen educational institution.

Study in English with Pole’s Card at State Universities

It’s no secret that studying in English in Poland is much more expensive than in Polish, but for candidates with a Pole’s Card this option is much more affordable. Since the prices for English-language programs for Polish citizens and those with Pole’s Card are lower than for foreigners, in the range from 2000 to 6000 zł per year (about 500-1500 euros). For comparison, the average cost of study in English for foreigners without a miracle card is from 2500 to 3500 euros / year. It is worth noting that this applies only to public universities, in private prices for all the same.

The process of enrolling in English-language programs with the Pole’s Card is different in that it usually lasts longer – until the end of July, which gives more time for solving all issues. And the main difference is an additional document – English language certificate. Polish universities adhere to strict rules regarding certificates: the first – must be international and admit in the world, for example TOEFL, IELTS, FCE, CAE, CPE, BEC and others; the second – the level of knowledge – B2.

Study at private universities in Poland with Pole’s Card

Unfortunately, in private universities there is no possibility of free education in Poland with Pole’s Card, but still let’s take a look at the benefits of this document. First of all – a simplified process of admission. The Pole’s Card is a confirmation of the knowledge of the Polish language, as it is necessary to pass an examination at the Consulate to receive it, so most universities do not require from candidates Polish language certificate. In addition, in private universities you can receive all the same scholarships that are in state universities and even qualify for additional discounts.

Legalization of stay in Poland with Pole’s Card

Pole’s Card – the way to immigration to Poland – a chance to obtain permanent residence and even citizenship. This is an excellent chance for students who want to get a higher education, then stay to live and work in Poland. If you came to study in Poland with Pole’s Card, you can immediately start to question the legalization. You can change the map of the with Pole’s Card of the Residence Card, which is issued for 10 years. For this you need, in addition to the Pole’s Card, provide the basis for your residence in the territory of the Republic of Poland. For example, study at university or yearly preparatory course in Polish. After two years on the Residence Card, you can apply for Polish citizenship.

Summarizing, if you have a Pole’s Card or you can get it – do not hesitate, take advantage of the advantages it gives. We can say with absolute certainty that you will not regret, because Poland is a beautiful European country! If you want to go to study in Polish universities with the Pole’s Card, we will be happy to help you! ENTRANT Education Center offers comprehensive services on admission of foreign candidates for educational institutions in Poland, including with the Pole’s Card.