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For many years moving to another country for education become a new tendency among students from India and Nepal. The most popular countries are USA, Canada, Australia, and Germany, but, during the last time, the number of students from Nepal and India, who choose Polish universities to study, has increased. And it is a good choice, because Polish universities have a lot of advantages for foreign students, including students from India and Nepal.

It is common knowledge that all citizens of India and Nepal know English on the high level, and it is very good, because most of the public and private universities in Poland propose English programs of education. Professors at the universities have big experience of teaching different subjects in English, and students from Poland also speak English very well, so the language will not be a problem for Indians or Nepalese students.

You will be always remember the period when you were a student, because students are young, full of willingness to know the world and open for everything new. When else, if not during this time people travel, find new friends, and take part in different entertainment activities. In the process of education in Polish universities, students can afford everything listed above, because, despite Poland is a European country, costs for living here are very low.

One thing which will differ is culture. As all other countries, Poland has its own holidays and traditions, which differ from Indian and Nepalese ones. But, it will be interesting for students from India and Nepal to learn more about the culture of the country they are going to live during 3-5 years. As in Nepalese and Indian cultures, in Poland family relationships value a lot. Family is very important for Poles, so it can be a similarity among these three countries. As for communication, Polish people are very friendly and affable. Indians and Nepalese will make a lot of friends as among Poles, and also among people of other nationalities.

As it was already mentioned, many Nepalese and Indian students have already chosen education in Poland. Mostly they choose Medical faculties, as education in Medical universities in Poland is cheaper than in other countries. Also Technical studies and Computer technologies are in demand.

So, if now you are making your choice where to get higher education and a variant of India does not suit you, or you want to get European diploma and learn Polish culture and later compare it with Nepalese one, you can ask “ENTRANT” Agency for help. We will be happy to help you and make the admission easy and clear.

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