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Poland is famous for being a country that provides with education students from all over the world. According to the research the Russians in Poland are on the third place after Ukrainians and Belarusians in terms of the number of incoming students. Moreover, the majority of the potential students come from Kaliningrad. This tendency is mainly explained by the fact that this region has common borders with Poland and travelling along with visa application process is much simpler in comparison to the habitats of the rest of Russia. Nevertheless there are more and more applicants who are interested in Polish educational services. So why do they choose Poland?

The first thing any Russian applicant needs to know is that the local universities are very accessible from the financial point of view. In the light of the recent financial events higher education in Poland becomes even more beneficial for students from Russia. Even the most strict student budget will be enough for all the accommodation costs as well as food and clothes.

Lately Russians have been pointing on the importance of students’ mobility and career growth. It is the second most popular response to the question of what are the incentives for applying to Polish universities. Numerous educational and student exchange programs within European area and around the world, international internships, conferences and forums allow students to develop their knowledge and acquire useful skills. This way the students make a huge investment to their future career; and obtained European diploma after graduating from a Polish university will allow them to find a job in almost all countries on the planet. The guarantee of the quality of Polish diploma is the country’s membership in the Bologna Process and adoption of the ECTS system of knowledge comparison. From this point of view the diplomas obtained in Poland are much more superior to those in Russia.

The third reason follows from the previous one. The Polish government created mostly all necessary conditions for students and young professionals. During the last couple years the system of residence legalization has been significantly simplified. Russian students along with other foreign students are able to be employed even when having a student visa. In case a student receives a Temporary Residence Card he/she also gets a permission of working with no limits on the working hours.

If you want to obtain a high-quality education, start your career and just spend the amazing student years in Europe, we then advise you to start collecting all necessary documents to enroll to a Polish university. The “ENTRANT” Agency will help all the applicants from Russia to become a freshman in a Polish higher educational establishment, answer all of your questions, council through the visa application process and help you with the transfer to Poland.

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